Japanese Indies FTW !!

Hey All,

Hope you’re well. I came across this today and it struck a chord with the video gaming part of my being. I’ve always know that a lot of cool and strange games made in Japan never make it to the shores of the west. Not sure the exact reasons though the people have batted the idea around that issues such as:

Localisation, differing cultural norms, demand or even cost have something to do with it. Whatever the reasons its a shame to no have more access to these. I feel in this day and age, digital should serve as a path for people to explore something new. It’s already the case with many other forms of entertainment and goods so why not more with gaming?

Looking forward to seeing the whole documentary Jan 2016. The idea of more Japanese Indie titles making the way West is a lovely thought. With resurgence of retro themed gaming and more challenging titles, I feel that Japan probably has a wealth of talent that needs to be introduced to the rest of the world. Obviously sharing from East to West is the idea here but that’s not to say that it shouldn’t be a ever flowing stream that spans multiple places and channels around the world. Speaking as a gamer this means it’s an exciting thought but for those of you aren’t just imagine if more independent literature, movies, clothing, technology were to be shared more freely and willingly between nations. Idealistically thinking it would lead to something good I hope, enhance our everyday lives, help people grow their dreams etc. Please share if this picks your interest!!