The Festive Flash Back

Happy Holiday’s All.

I hope you’ve been well and are still enjoying the festivities, whether you’re taking time out to kick back with loved ones, partying it up (tis the season) or just having some time to yourself.

As for me I am still on holiday (thankfully) and have some time fully do whatever I please, though I realise it’s been a long while since I’ve blogged so needed to get back into it before the year ended! As is customary on my part I always like to reflect on the year gone by, many of you may do the same around this time of year. Seeing how far I have gone, If I am better of now, what has changed, things of this nature but not limited to.


The Highlights

  •  Career progression – New role with Penguin Random House Books
  •  More Interaction with Family – Seeing an estranged face or two
  •  Going on Holiday with my closest friends and actually relaxing
  •  Knowing that people genuinely see and appreciate the good in me (Not that I am a monster or anything like that :/ )

The Not so great 

  • Personal development hasn’t gone as far I would have liked
  • Haven’t really done anything extraordinary
  • Haven’t played enough Video Games (No Seriously this is a big thing for me !)
  • Fitness hasn’t been a consistent regime as much as I would have liked.

There is plenty more I could add but for the most part it’s been a pretty decent year for me and happily a lot of good things have happened to those closest to me both friends and family which is definitely an added bonus. It’s strange to think this time last year my Grandmother passed away on boxing day, but this year on that day we were hosting dinner at the Bhogal house hold. Life goes on I suppose, remembrance as a sign of respect but not letting the memory weigh heavy on our minds and hearts (at least how I see it).

On a lighter note there is definitely a good base to build upon the new year, providing I keep on challenging myself, doing new things and giving myself a little bit more credit. I know I’ll have those around me to give me a swift kick up the backside if I ever falter (Thanks guys in advance).


I hope reading this you take the opportunity to have your own moment of reflection, appreciating the better memories, letting go of the negative and envision what the future could be if you take the necessary steps and knowing that support is there is some shape or form.

Till the next post, enjoy the rest of the Christmas break and be very merry!!



2013 Year In Review


Happy New Year Grade-G Readers !!

I hope you have all had a great Christmas (bit late on my part) and celebrated in style leading into 2014. As you may have noticed it has been a long while since I have been active on my blog. There are plenty of reasons and excuses but what is more important is that I am a sitting here right now typing away on my shiny new Macbook Pro in the hopes of redeeming myself ……

So the 2013 Year in Review, in many ways you probably expected this was coming to a blog near you, actually it would be fair to say that you’ve had your time to reflect on the year 2013, am I right? Whether it was forced upon you or done in order to formulate your new years resolutions (I do have one but more on that later) it is definitely important to reflect otherwise you wouldn’t have any benchmark to compare the past,present and future against no?

Trying to sum up the year 2013 for myself as number from 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being amazingly brilliant, I would say a 7. It was definitely a better year than 2012 but there was plenty of room for improvement across the board in many different aspects of life. Here is a little summary of the good and the bad in no particular order


Highlights of 2013 

    • Brothers Civil Partnership Ceremony
    • Year Anniversary in my current role
    • No major personal Drama’s 
    • Reconciliation with an old Friend 
    • Learning the art of being a little bit more content
    • Brilliant Performance review at work from piers and manager
    • forming new friendships 
    • Taking more breaks from work ( A big one as I find it hard to know when to stop)
    • Saving up and buying a New Macbook Pro to replace my Desktop PC of 5 years
    • Awesome Birthday Celebration in September with family and good friends
    • Being a part of Movember and raising the most money within my team (Very generous family,friends and work colleagues) 
    • Making trips to Oxford to visit my brother and his partner as well as going to Dorset to visit a dear friend of mine.
    • Becoming more tech savvy and knowledgeable in various area of I.T


Lowlights of 2013

    • Many people passing away in the family
    • Probably drinking way more than I should be…
    • Not going abroad on holiday
    • Not being as available to help good friends 
    • Not seeing enough of my good friends 
    • still not learning how to drive…
    • Not getting into better shape or doing regular exercise
    • Not being as proactive in career progression 
    • Not enough gaming (Huge backlog of Video Games to complete)


The above is an exhaustive list however it’s the one’s that came to mind the easiest, I am sure people who know me may feel there is more to add or even detract, you tell me I guess? So gazing into the past what conclusion have I reached and set my aim upon this year? Well I think I am off to a good footing for 2014 to build upon what I have and to play with at the moment. Time management is always going to be scrutenised not so much in being late but in allocating time to the certain area’s of life and really understanding what my priorities should be (Obviously subject to change depending on the scenario etc). The main aim I think I should be to live and act with more ambition. A pinch of more ambition behind many actions could help in moving forward faster and even to places I didn’t think I could reach. 


Year in Review 2013 done, Resolution for 2014:


1120 linus

Have a Brilliant start to 2014 and keep on improving yourself