Gurgs turns 27

Hey All,

How’s it going, it’s been a long while. Apologies for the absence! So for those of you who don’t know it’s my birthday today (High Five That) It’s a strange one as I don’t quite feel the age I am on paper, which is 27…. I do however I’m not not quite at that point to be worrying about the numbers, though could change at the drop of a hat :s

With every birthday comes reflection and a pause to evaluate, at least that’s my routine. What better time to do this then on the train to Oxford! It’s been a good year for me in terms of my work, family and friends. I don’t think I can really complain. It’s funny though I can remember vividly this time last year.

I was tanned from my holiday to the Algarve, it was my last week in my current role at the time and my brother’s musical pop up performance was waiting for me at home. The end of one, chapter, new beginnings and biding friends farewell. Most memorable at the time was the positive energy and sense of appreciation I felt for everyone. The same holds true today a year later.

I have an amazing set of friends and a family to match. At 27 I feel I know where my place is amongst all that a bit better now. With age comes clarity and wisdom in my case according to a few Individuals.

Birthday’s should be the birth of something new not just an anniversary of what is. With that thought in mind I am looking for something new, though I can’t pinpoint what exactly. Either way I’ve got a great team behind me (You Know who you are).

Presently I’m looking forward to today, boozing it up with my bro’s in Oxford and hopefully in the near future with the rest of the family.

Have a great weekend and thanks to all those who have wished me a Happy Birthday. I’ll be sure to have a drink to you 😉



The Cotswolds Getaway


How’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I do have a good reason….. I took a short break and went away to the lovely Cotswolds with my family. Mum, Dad, my three older bros, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and not forgetting my little rascal of a nephew. Thanks to my sister-in-laws planning we managed to get to stay in a brilliant place called Larchwood Lodge and for the first time in since I was probably in my mid teens ( Currently 25), all my immediate family were present for the holiday, of course with a few additions B-) since the last time.

The place was stunning and our lodge as with all the others overlooked the lakes and forests, with facilities within the complex such as:

* Parks

* Tennis court

* Petting zoo

* Cycle paths

* Spa

The actual lodge was more then big enough for all of us and was furnished with all the usual mod cons you would expect, however there was one thing that I did shy away from. I made a little vow to myself before we arrived and that would be to refrain from any sort of communication with the outside world. I would under no circumstances switch on my Nexus 5‘s Mobile Internet or connect to the WiFi, I wanted to stay as disconnected from the world as possible, if there was any sort of emergency people could simply call me. Bare in mind that we were away for 5 days, I did bring my Macbook with me but I stayed away from social media and did not check any emails. “Why should I ?” I was on holiday after all.

My resolve was strong and didn’t waver which felt pretty darn good, besides I was too busy having a good time to really worry about anything else as I had my family and plenty of activities to spend my time on. Speaking of activites I would have to say that using the kayaks on the lake outside our lodge was brilliant. I’ve never been in a Kayak or done any sort of sailing but I managed to get the hang of it (I was wearing a life jacket..) In fact everyone got in on the action and it pretty much became the first thing we all did everyday. Some of the other activities on the site were bike riding, the spa which had: Swimming Pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, pool table and a chill out area (one too many espresso’s where had here). Activities aside the holiday wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without the company I was with.

It was really nice to spend time as a family away from the hustle and bustle of our individual lives and just live stress free for 5 days. Bonding was a byproduct of the time we all spent together but what I found really insightful was seeing the dynamic between us all. As myself and third oldest brother live with our parents, my oldest brothers haven’t lived at home for many many years. We’ve all obviously grown up and changed as people, my parents included, so seeing how we all interacted with one another was interesting to see. We all got to see a bit of each of our true colours, I wouldn’t go as far to say there were ups and downs however there were a few sparks flying here and there hahahah.

We also visited neighbouring Cirencester and Burford on two of the days there and the brilliant Cotswold Wildlife Park (It’s a dam shame there isn’t a resident Komodo Dragon..) If you’re ever in the Cotswolds I would definitely recommend visiting the wildlife park, the admission is decent at just over £14.00 (Cheaper then London Zoo).

Burford Sweet Shop
Burford Sweet Shop
Lion at Cotswolds Wildlife Park
Lion at Cotswolds Wildlife Park
Cirencester Town Ram
Cirencester Town Ram

Highlights of the break:

* Family

* Exercise

* Food

* Alcohol

* Time to think

* Relaxation

In regards to the last two points, I had ample time for both and yes I cleared my mind and thought about a few things that I feel need some attention. Perspective was what I had being away from it “All” . It’s not about me being happy or sad, it was more just about what I want to do and what I feel I need to do to move forward. As long as I am doing something that’s the main thing. I have a great set of friends and family so I should feel confident enough to try some new things or do something to develop myself as a person. Funnily enough I feel like I wan’t to have another break as soon as it’s feasible hahahah but in the meantime I’m sure I will be keeping busy.

Here’s a little sample of my view everyday, the weather wasn’t amazing but the view and peace and quiet was more than enough.

The view from the Larchwood Lodge
The view from the Larchwood Lodge

So that about wraps it up, I just want to say thanks for reading. I still find it somewhat weird that people actually read the stuff I write, though it would be nice to get a few comments here and there (He say’s politely), but honestly means a lot that people are actually following me and my blog and signing up via email. It all helps to serve as a incentive to blog, because it wouldn’t be as much fun without an audience! Till the next time, you take care.



Loving What Is

Evening All,

How’s it going, get up to anything exciting this weekend? For me it’s been pretty standard, mainly a family affair with plenty of lazing around playing video games. I kind of thought gosh what am I going to blog about this week? Maybe I shouldn’t bother as I have nothing worthwhile to talk about… Then I thought well, I’ve been getting more and more people following my work so I owe it to them to keep things consistent and keep on getting better at this blogging thing B-)

So I done some thinking and just thought, what is different now compared with the same time last year? Before you say “This guy must have a brilliant memory”. Don’t be fooled I cheated a little :/ Thanks to Facebook and their wonderful “On This Day” button which lets you see what happened exactly a year ago, plus the timeline on one’s profile. Venturing back let’s just say it was a pretty busy time, with plenty of things going on. It actually shocked me as I could have sworn those things happened a week or so ago (warped perception of time).

Definitely good times and plenty of fun memories. I’m not a nostalgic individual but sometimes the past can be a good framework for how you feel the future should be crafted. If I want some of that good stuff I’ll need to take a few steps to create some good foundations to build it upon. Perfect example is when I think of my friends and family a year ago and then a year onwards. A lot has changed, thankfully a lot of good has happened since then: Weddings, passing of exams, new cars, new jobs and so on. At present my two good friends are going through a bit of renaissance in terms of rewriting their paths they are walking at the moment.

One is nearing the end of his degree which has definitely moulded and changed him into a different person (for the better), the other is breaking the norm and is laying down the ground work for his business venture backed by his mentors. Both are more happier and enthusiastic then I can remember which in turn brings me joy, as they are on the way to greatness! It’s definitely inspiring and has  given me plenty of food for thought as I am a bit confused to where I want to be in the near future.

My biggest obstacle in moving forward right now, is the lack of “Love”.  It’s a bit of a buzz word in my head (goes to show a lot about my character) however in this case the word has a lot of other meanings and values attached to it then simply feeling strongly about something or someone. Put it this way, have you ever thought about how much love you inject into life? If life was a person that you showed an infinite amount of love for, how do you think it would react?

More relaxed, more confident, not being so caught up with their flaws but most of all have the best of them brought out for the world to see. Now personification aside, I am strong believer that life is very reactive and volatile. Sometimes things go your way and at other times they can go diabolically wrong. It’s a mixture of trial, error, experience with a bit of luck. There are also people inside that container labelled life. So make sure you show them some “Love” too. As for me I need to start doing more and taking more steps forward (or at least try) and just see where it leads me. Who know’s where I will be in a year from now, hopefully I won’t be revisiting this thought again but instead have a smile on my face knowing that my life is that much more rich.

Hope you readers have a brilliant week ahead and thanks for reading/following.




High Five that !!

Weekend High

Evening all,

How did the weekend treat you, get up to anything nice. For you London dwellers I’m sure the arrival of sun must have raised a few spirits B-)

I do find it amazing how uplifting the sight of a clear blue sky and the sun can be. So what did I get up to on the weekend? Well let’s say my weekend started on Thursday evening after work, I had to get a few essentials. Lucky me being a city boy, I could indulge in a bit of “late” night shopping in central London. I am a guy who likes to shop for clothes though I prefer to go solo, as I am quite particular about what I want and don’t really need a second opinion. So what was a looking for and why?? I was on the hunt for some black Jeans and a blazer with a bit of a smart/twist, for my cousin brothers’ 21st Birthday celebrations on Sat, I needed to look sharp as a tac.

As I work near St Paul’s Cathedral I decided to start my shop in Oxford Circus and work my way through Regent Street and end at Piccadilly Circus.

ImageI ended up buying a cropped grey blazer from Topman  and a pair of uber skinny black jeans from Cheap Monday in Carnaby Street. If you’ve never been to Carnaby street I would definitely recommend paying a visit!! I have to confess though the jeans I got I didn’t end up wearing as they were a bit too “much” for what I needed though. Plan- B another pair of jeans from Cheap Monday, which were also black and just as good for the night.

Shopping done, Friday was the day to get it all rounded off with a uber clean and smart haircut. Hair appointment was booked at J-Moriyama after work at 6.30pm so had plenty of time to get there but after a long week I was pretty much out of steam, nevertheless getting my haircut is always therapeutic, plus the shoulder massage afterwards isn’t half bad either 🙂

I wanted to go for something simple and easy to manage, the understated look which is a far far cry from my younger days of big anime hair (We all go through that phase right…..) On arrival it was super busy so had to wait a bit longer, no problem so just check my messages in the meantime. My best friend Anand is saying something about inception this and that though I didn’t really understand. what I saw on screen.

Totally confused I am, hence no reply

Turn my head to the left and there is someone standing outside the door smiling at me, Anand?? Golly gosh it was him, he remember I was getting my haircut and was in the area so thought he would surprise me. My demeanour was like that of a rock, didn’t flinch but at the same time really just confused… A welcome surprise, though I feel bad for making him wait so long whilst I got my haircut. It wasn’t in vain, not in the slightest !

Saturday 8th March 2014, the day of the party. Everything was set and the excitement was at it’s peak, though there was a slight moment of utter frustration, I am a bit embarrassed to say but I managed to rip my top button off my brand new shirt …. Not to say I couldn’t have sown it back on but I really didn’t have the time. It funnily enough worked out as I planned to keep my collar unbuttoned, minor annoyance now = slight convenience (epic win). The party was awesome, a nice mix of family and friends and the cake was oh so delicious, hand made by my talented cousin sis Suki (Shame I didn’t take a picture!!)

Kind of crazy how old my cousin Taz has become, pretty much a man now, though in my eyes he will always be my little bro. I think all in all it’s the family that make these gatherings special, yeah simple thought but not necessarily a direct outcome as family can be a bit £$£%@^!!!! sometimes. The picture below however I sums up the feeling at the party, it’s a shame not all members are present, especially the Birthday Boy Himself (Something must have been going on at the bar)

Family Business

That Pretty much sums up Saturday. Sunday believe it or not I was up at 6.00am probably suffering from a bit of dehydration (Whiskey was the drink of choice the previous night..) and after waking up I just couldn’t get back to sleep, so after forcing myself out of bed, I showered and instantly felt revitalised, proceeded to: Wish a dear friend happy birthday (Don’t think she would appreciate a mention by name hahah ) clean the kitchen, do the laundry, hoover the house and upgrade my PS3 hard drive (It’s a nerds life). Other than that I just kept busy and in the evening Anand came over. He has an interview Monday afternoon so I am quietly cheering him on to land the role!!

The end of the weekend and this post.

Let the new week commence.

Have a prosperous week ahead.


Passing onto the other side

Greeting Grade-G Readers,

How has your weekend been? It’s pretty rare for me to post more than once in the space of a few days, actually I am not sure it has happened before, regardless I wanted to talk about something that has affected myself, my family, parents, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews,uncles and aunties alike.

Unfortunately my Grandmother and last remaining Grandparent passed away in the evening of 26th December 2013. Due to her poor health and other complications it was widely accepted in the family that her time was near however we never thought it would come so quickly.

Before I go any further I just want to say this post isn’t about expressing my grief or sadness at her passing, it’s more about my experience leading up to her death and up to the day of the funeral. What I write may be enlightening for those readers who know me personally but may also be insightful for others who have been through similar life experiences.

I won’t go into the specifics about my gran’s illness but essentially it was terminal from my understanding. She had been stuck in the hospital for the last month or so, getting weaker and weaker by the day but her mind was still sharp. She was eager to get home. In the end she was discharged from the hospital on the 26th December and was home by the early afternoon, though she wasn’t conscious. It may have been the medication or that she was fighting to hang on. She had made it home a day after xmas and was back in her bedroom. Knowing that she was back, family and friends flocked to her side to see her, though she wasn’t conscious.We were adament that she could hear what was going on. 

All the preparations had been made with the hospital and GP who would help look after my gran whilst she was back home but in the end it wasn’t needed as she passed away peacefully after a few hours of being home surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Everyone is in agreement that was probably what she was waiting for.

This would have been the first time I have seen anyone pass away in front of my eyes , I would imagine it would have been the same for others there at the time, however the depth and magnitude of loosing my gran at that point weighed heavy on all. The next few days after her death would be comprised of family and friends coming to the house to pay their respects up until the funeral. Everyone coming together because of an individual, a opportunity to remember fond memories of the past, catching up with the goings on in people’s lives and provide all the support needed to overcome the loss.

Even now I think to myself how much of an impact it has had on me to loose the only Grandmother I’ve known. In terms of my relationship with her, I wouldn’t say it was the closest, though I would say I remember her being kind and always interested in knowing what I was doing in life. Maybe if I made more of an effort to visit her more often, though it certainly was easier said then done.

Come the funeral day, seeing her laying in the coffin and saying prayers before taking her to the temple. It was a pretty overwhelming experience. Naturally there were tears as we paid our respects. It would be the last time we all saw her face before sealing up the coffin again, she certainly looked at peace considering the suffering she had been going through. There were times I felt my eyes begin to well up though after a deep breath I maintained my composure and comforted those around me. It may come back to haunt me later that I never let my emotions out though at the time it felt like the best course of action considering what was going on around me. 

Later at the cremetorium I helped carry the coffin to the alter and we all said our last goodbyes, As the curtains drew to a close, that was really the moment I think it all sunk in. Making our way outside the flowers we had arranged were on display with messages written by the family. It’s worth mentioning that the weather on that day was marvellous. The Sun was shinning and you would have been hard pushed to find a cloud in sight. The sheer number of people who came to pay their respects just goes to show how respected my grandmother was by young and old as well as family and friend alike. 

The day of funeral went as smoothly as possible and as per my grandmothers wishes, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. As silly as it is to say the realisation of the family tree came to mind on the day of the funeral and everything she had worked to create. We live and then we die, what is important is what we do in-between these two very different states.

It’s difficult to round off this post as I think it would be wrong of me to say there is a conclusion in this, I leave that for you to think about. I do want to say however that during this time I have learnt a lot about family, I have also seen a lot that will stay with me for a long while. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts, maybe in the process lighten the load in my mind also.

It’s back to work after the long xmas break tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, though I am certainly not keen on trawling through all my emails… Oh well, I have never been one for excuses so let’s just get to it and start the new year on the best foot forward!!

Thank you for reading

Have a brilliant week ahead