Gurgs turns 27

Hey All,

How’s it going, it’s been a long while. Apologies for the absence! So for those of you who don’t know it’s my birthday today (High Five That) It’s a strange one as I don’t quite feel the age I am on paper, which is 27…. I do however I’m not not quite at that point to be worrying about the numbers, though could change at the drop of a hat :s

With every birthday comes reflection and a pause to evaluate, at least that’s my routine. What better time to do this then on the train to Oxford! It’s been a good year for me in terms of my work, family and friends. I don’t think I can really complain. It’s funny though I can remember vividly this time last year.

I was tanned from my holiday to the Algarve, it was my last week in my current role at the time and my brother’s musical pop up performance was waiting for me at home. The end of one, chapter, new beginnings and biding friends farewell. Most memorable at the time was the positive energy and sense of appreciation I felt for everyone. The same holds true today a year later.

I have an amazing set of friends and a family to match. At 27 I feel I know where my place is amongst all that a bit better now. With age comes clarity and wisdom in my case according to a few Individuals.

Birthday’s should be the birth of something new not just an anniversary of what is. With that thought in mind I am looking for something new, though I can’t pinpoint what exactly. Either way I’ve got a great team behind me (You Know who you are).

Presently I’m looking forward to today, boozing it up with my bro’s in Oxford and hopefully in the near future with the rest of the family.

Have a great weekend and thanks to all those who have wished me a Happy Birthday. I’ll be sure to have a drink to you 😉



Mothers Day

Hey how’s it going?

Hope you are well, I know it’s been a while since I’ve published a proper post (forgive me!). I thought today I would dedicate this post to my mother on most appropriately Mothers Day (at least here in the U.K). So where to begin… I guess I should start by saying how fortunate I am to still live under the same roof as my folks and have my mother still in my life as I know some aren’t so lucky.

My mother in my eyes: Strong, Independent, caring, warm and hardworking. These are just a few words to describe her. The hardships, darker days and the losses she has had to live through, she still manages to be someone that holds onto strong belief and hope which I really do admire. I would like to think that myself, my Dad and three older brothers provide her strength in part to keep on being the amazing women she is.

As her son I know that I come off as being a bit moody at times and a bit distant (My family know what I am talking about…) this isn’t because I don’t care about about her, quite the opposite really. For some silly reason I tend to get really frustrated with my mum when she fusses over me. Maybe it’s down to age and feeling that I am more independent and can do things for myself. A perfect example, no matter how many times I say no to tea or dinner when I get back from work, she will always drop everything to cook or make me tea. I feel bad knowing that she’s been busy all day and worse knowing that I am just adding to workload when I get back from work, but yeah I understand that she’s my mum, she will always do these things because it’s her way of showing she cares regardless of what my response is.

That is mum, always thinking about others, putting others first, whether it’s her Husband, Sons, Nieces, Nephews, Friends and Clients. It’s always about someone other than her, she has a genuine warmth about her that really has touched a lot of people. I could keep on going but I just want to say that ironically on her day that she has given me a gift and that is what it means to work hard.

I don’t think I’ll ever reach a point in life I can say that as I am as hardworking as my mother but she definitely has set a standard for me and Brothers to always strive for.

So Happy Mothers Day Mum, you may not be perfect and I know it can be difficult being the mother of four boys. You’ll always be number 1 and we hope today you feel blessed and loved.


It’s only your surprise birthday Mum !!

Hey All,

How’s it going, have you had a good weekend? It’s been a good one for me I must say. The build up to this Saturday was interesting, essentially it was Mum’s 60th on Thursday (Epic Milestone) so we celebrated in typical fashion. My bro’s, sister in law and nephew came over with flowers and cards for mum, had a nice takeaway dinner and cut a cake. That however wasn’t the end of that, we sneakily decided we wanted to throw mum a surprise party and invite our nearest and dearest (Cunning I know). So we had to make sure no one blew our cover and just said to mum that we should go out for a nice meal on Saturday as it’s been so looooong since we’ve done that as a complete family.

The stage was set and everything just seemed to fall into place quite nicely.  To say that the whole organisation was sort of last minute wouldn’t be an exaggeration but then again it seems to be the norm in the Bhogal family (Unfortunately) Regardless there was a brilliant turn out and my mum really felt the love as she had mentioned to a cousin the day after her birthday “It would have been really nice if all my family was with me to celebrate”. I think we exceeded that expectation and then some judging by her reaction as everyone yelled SURPRISE !!!!.

It was a brilliant party and I have the gravely voice to prove it today 😛 . The best bit though is that I actually felt super happy today as it just felt unbelievably amazing to do something for my mum like that. She does so much for everyone regardless of whether they are family or not and never asks for anything in return. Guess we all got the chance to show her how much we all love and appreciate her. So yeah here’s to many more years of infinite joy and happiness and thanks to all those that made it special.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say, probably fortunate I didn’t have to speak much today with my voice, gosh it’s really strange sounding right now….. Here a little snapshot of yesterday, otherwise have a great start to the week.





Family Business

Hey all,

How’s it going? Did you have a good weekend or get up to anything nice? As for myself it’s been a good couple of days. My good friend who works alongside me a Thomas Cook returned from Sri Lanka on Thursday (Couldn’t be more happy to see him) and  work is going alright, it’s in hand, though those white hairs are popping up like weeds…. Ah yes I also forgot to mention my parents 37th wedding anniversary was on Thursday as well (How the time flies).

So what did we get my dear parents you may be asking? Well if I am honest we left it kind of late but in the end decided to get a nice picture of them and frame it. Now my part in that was to search through my digital archive of just over 200GB of photos from over the years taken mostly by me on digital camera’s, SLR’s and smartphones and find a cracker of a picture of them. Disappointingly I only managed to find just a handful of photo’s of my Mum and Dad together, without their pesky kids along side.. The ones I found were sent my bro Kuch for inspection and we both decided on one pic (See below)

My Old Dears
My Old Dears

Now everything was in hand for Saturday, where we would present the photo, however to our disbelief we realised that we had the same photo already framed on our wall of family pics (Epic Fail). We laughed about as best as we could but the thought was definitely appreciated by the folks. So with present in hand my bro Kuch set about getting the three course menu prepared, he is a bit of a super chef ! The food was delicious: crusty baguette with butter, Mushroom Risotto, Prawns with chorizo, Aubergine lasagne, coq au vin and asparagus shoots. I didn’t take any pics as I was starving, otherwise they probably would have been on Instagram Already hahaha. 


Pre 3 course meal
Pre 3 course meal

The dinner itself was a bit of a celebration for quite a few different things really, good things within the family, which have been a bit far and few between. With that in mind, it hit me. Family really does mean a lot to me, the up’s and down’s we all share it together, you wouldn’t feel it if you didn’t care. That awareness has come with age, wisdom and maturity. Their influence has also shaped me as a person as well, the proof is in how I treat my friends and people in everyday life. I may not be the most social or outspoken, however I don’t feel conceited when I say I leave a lasting impression on people which seems to only grow as times passes on, zero idea how and why though..

I’m glad to say that we have more to celebrate in the next few weeks, as my Mum is turning 60 and she has no idea we are planning anything for her, it’s (Fingers Crossed) going to be a good one and I know my extended family is going to be there to make it that much more special as well. The fun doesn’t stop there, we also have a little family get away planned for May which is the second time in all of our lives that we have been on a Holiday as a whole family. Yeah I know shocking is an understatement but with 3 older siblings and parents that work uber hard it is difficult to co-ordinate something of that scale. Regardless it’s happening and I am bloody looking forward to it, so bring on May already !!

Rounding things off I just want to say:

  • Family  = Important
  • Life is good at present
  • More to celebrate soon
  • Need to sort out family pics (Digital and Physical)
  • Have a brilliant week ahead