What you can’t see

I don’t see a path here at all.

That Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


How’s it going, had a good weekend? I’ve been doing some reading here and there of a really fascinating book (So far) called the “The Undefeated Mind.” Don’t be put off by the title it’s actually quite a good read. Essentially the book provides a set of tools which help in forging a stronger mindset to tackle many aspects of life. I wouldn’t say it was a self help book, as it’s focused on the writers life experiences as a Physician and practicing Nichiren Buddhist. The mix of medicine, beliefs and relatable characters through which various aspects of the mind and teachings are explored is quite enlightening.

I am probably about a 1/3 into the book and so far, I haven’t found any aspects of it to be pretentious or unreasonable in it’s advice. I think a great deal of that is because what is spoken about is very grounded and doesn’t sound too far fetched, it’s strength is it’s simplicity. The way in which the chapters are structured is just about right in length and flow, however as there is quite a lot of idea’s to take in I often have to pause for a moment or two just to let it absorb in. I am in no doubt that I will have to re-read the book to pick up on the finer points and note them down somewhere for quick reference as I know it will come in handy.

Bringing it back to the quote above. It makes a world of sense to me, from where you stand you might not alway be able to see through the haze but that’s not to say there isn’t a path ahead. You’re situation is unlikely to be 100% unique, there is bound to have been someone before you that has been at the same point. I can vouch for this as it was only yesterday I met with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year. We caught up on everything and he explained a situation he was going through, to which I gave him advice that just seemed to roll off my tongue. I explained that I had been through something similar, hence why I could talk about it with so much authority.

How this applies to me? Well I’ve felt for a while that I am kind of stuck in a bit of a funk at the moment. I am wanting some change and transformation but I don’t feel I have really grasped a path. Everything I have done, lived, experienced and come to learn in these past 25 years has got me this far, but all of the mentioned might be stopping me from getting any further. Mentally I have become somewhat of a logical machine that is constantly analysing variables and make predications as to what will happen next based on any given action.

As my planning skills have always left a lot to be desired, my logical decision making has left me somewhat cautious over the past few years (My younger self would not be pleased). Alex Lickerman the Author of the book makes the point that the path to victory “Couldn’t be planned or predicted, but only discovered.” Now he does go on to say that having a plan isn’t a bad thing, however having the confidence, resolve and determination to pursue a more beneficial avenue shouldn’t be ignored either. In my case as my planning is rubbish I think I need to dive into the unknown and see if I can find what I am looking for.

That pretty much sums it up this week. One thing that is clear as day from reading so far is that, more than anything that my mind needs to be reformed. A new way of thinking needs to be practiced. On a lighter note I am pretty excited about my little break away with the family coming up at the end of the new week. It will be a perfect time to recharge the batteries,have some fun and maybe throw my smart phone into the dead zone….. So please forgive me if I don’t post next weekend, I might be too busy to do so B-)


Have a great week and thanks for reading.



Just Reflecting..

Where to begin really,

It’s been a pretty good bank holiday weekend with the addition of the Friday that just passed I took as a day off, much needed in my line of work, or we’ll deserved should I say.

It’s always tough when posting as I feel I lack a central theme for my blog as it’s lost some of it’s purpose as the years have gone by and with ever fewer posts. Writing a piece that’s concise enough not to bore but content rich enough to actually make one pause for a moment is an achievement, though this will only come with more posting and refinement as well as feedback… (This is for True)

Reflecting on the time that has passed I wouldn’t say I’ve used it amazingly well but I’ve got the rest I wanted and recharged my mind, and soul though the body took a bit of a beating on Saturday’s BBQ, whiskey can be quite delicious :-D. I’ve spent time with some friends and Family, caught up on my gaming and started planning for my quick approaching birthday (planning is a chore)…

Ultimately this post comes back full circle to goals, it’s something I’ve touched on around about the same time last year. Getting older, feeling the need to achieve more or to just grow and evolve as a person. Feeling the need to live up to your own potential. I’ve actaully started reading, yes reading, not on a pc screen, smart phone or tablet device. I’ve actually picked up a bonifed paper book, something which is a rarity in my life.

The Book itself is titled the “The Undefeated Mind” fair to say it’s more of an account and guide into the experiences of an American Buddhist Physician. I’m not nearly far enough into it to give an in depth overview or review of the book itself however I am interested to find out more about the writer’s experiences and how it can be used in my own life or at least provide me with a better perspective in life, not only to benefit myself but the way in which I interact with Friends, Family, career etc.

Probably the most important thing to take away from my weekend is that goals, meeting them takes hard work. I’m never afraid to put in the effort if I believe it’s worth it but the issue is realising or even rationalising why you want to do something, perfect example being blogging. Blogging in it’s basic function is to share, it could be ideas, pictures, music, opinions, facts or feelings. For me sharing what goes on in my mind is quite a difficult thing as I am quite a private person to  a certain degree, but I think I see blogging as a way of sharing and bypassing the need to actually speak about my inner most thoughts in person.

Without motivation and drive you won’t achieve but just as essential is underlying reason, you may argue that these three words are interchangeable which is fair enough but yes there is always that something deep inside that moves and inspires you to set goals. Keeping that alive is what I find difficult.

Reflection over for now, and back to work in a few hours. It will be interesting to see how much I can get done in two weeks up until my Birthday. Have a great start to the week!