Mothers Day

Hey how’s it going?

Hope you are well, I know it’s been a while since I’ve published a proper post (forgive me!). I thought today I would dedicate this post to my mother on most appropriately Mothers Day (at least here in the U.K). So where to begin… I guess I should start by saying how fortunate I am to still live under the same roof as my folks and have my mother still in my life as I know some aren’t so lucky.

My mother in my eyes: Strong, Independent, caring, warm and hardworking. These are just a few words to describe her. The hardships, darker days and the losses she has had to live through, she still manages to be someone that holds onto strong belief and hope which I really do admire. I would like to think that myself, my Dad and three older brothers provide her strength in part to keep on being the amazing women she is.

As her son I know that I come off as being a bit moody at times and a bit distant (My family know what I am talking about…) this isn’t because I don’t care about about her, quite the opposite really. For some silly reason I tend to get really frustrated with my mum when she fusses over me. Maybe it’s down to age and feeling that I am more independent and can do things for myself. A perfect example, no matter how many times I say no to tea or dinner when I get back from work, she will always drop everything to cook or make me tea. I feel bad knowing that she’s been busy all day and worse knowing that I am just adding to workload when I get back from work, but yeah I understand that she’s my mum, she will always do these things because it’s her way of showing she cares regardless of what my response is.

That is mum, always thinking about others, putting others first, whether it’s her Husband, Sons, Nieces, Nephews, Friends and Clients. It’s always about someone other than her, she has a genuine warmth about her that really has touched a lot of people. I could keep on going but I just want to say that ironically on her day that she has given me a gift and that is what it means to work hard.

I don’t think I’ll ever reach a point in life I can say that as I am as hardworking as my mother but she definitely has set a standard for me and Brothers to always strive for.

So Happy Mothers Day Mum, you may not be perfect and I know it can be difficult being the mother of four boys. You’ll always be number 1 and we hope today you feel blessed and loved.



The Wondrous​ Heart

The Wondrous Heart performing at an open mic night, enjoy !



For more of the ‘Wondrous Heart’ hit up the link below.


Metaphorical Music

Hey How’s it going,

Hope you’re well, as for me I’ve been pretty relaxed as of late, week off from work so I can’t complain. Part of the daily routine is to listen to some tunes before calling it a night, this night however I came across some music that I’ve always considered one of my favourites. It will probably make more sense for you to click play on the link below and listen whilst you read for those of you viewing this on a non mobile version of a browser.

It featured on the accompanying sound track to the Japanese animated series Samurai Champloo, nevertheless it doesn’t make it any less of a piece of music for that reason, quite the opposite actually. Just like the series it features in, it’s full of vivid colours which paint a different image in my mind each time I listen.

Mugen, Jin & Fu

The name of the OST for those who are interested is  called ‘Departure’ and is collaboration between Japanese DJ/producer: Nujabes (R.I.P) and American MC/producer: Fat Jon. The album itself is a journey without words from start to finish (except for the first track), you listen, you relate and you create the story or flow of thought. I think that’s the beauty of music without vocals, The only voice you may or may not hear is either in your head, your heart or your soul. As someone with introspective tendencies music like this it plucks at all those inner strings so effortlessly.

Please do have a listen to the OST if you can, I’ve added a link to the whole stream via Soundcloud so you can play whilst getting on with other bits and bobs, would definitely recommend listening with a pair of good quality headphones.

Let me know your thoughts on the music or any recommendations for similar music and for those you who are fans of Japanese Animation I would definitely recommend watching Samurai Champloo! Till the next time.

Take care


The place of Faith


How’s it going? You may have noticed I’ve changed the design of my blog (Hopefully) what do you think? So I wanted to talk a little bit about ‘Faith’, some would say: it’s unquestionable, it’s constantly in flux, it’s just an after thought, it doesn’t hold any real value. Of course that’s not a definitive explanation but ones that just came to mind.

Lately I’ve been giving it a lot of thought as to what I have faith in, when was the last time I put it in something or someone. Placing complete trust and confidence in something that it will never let you down, that you can depend on without a question of doubt? Hand on heart I can’t remember a time when I could have said that I have absolute ‘Faith’. Maybe it’s just a product of getting older, more cynical, less trusting or having learnt not to rely on anything apart from what you can do with your own hands.

Deep down I think probably the main reasons for the lack of faith most likely stems from the fear of taking “The leap of faith”, once you take that step there is sometimes no turning back, the reality of being let down becomes real, the fall will hurt that much more and you may even be powerless to influence the destination of where that leap may take you.

You can’t lead a life without taking a few falls and sometimes you just have to accept that not everything can be influenced by your hand alone. With this in mind think about how others around you place their faith, what leaps they are taking everyday. From personal observation I’ve seen that having faith can mean or manifest itself as: Strength, confidence, determination, trust or even love. Those with unyielding faith seem to reap the rewards more readily and to a greater extent.

I believe though to have strong sense of faith requires a strong heart, that you act with it even if the mind says otherwise. I imagine or at least have been lately what it would be like to have absolute faith to give away a part of myself with no guarantee that it will be given back unscathed. A bit melodramatic but it’s a valid thought at least concerning myself.

Bringing it back onto a lighter note I hope I’ve given you a little something to think about going into the new week. Where could you go or achieve if you had more “Faith” in what you hold dear?

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How’s it going? Hope you had a good transition from 2014 to 2015, it’s already the 4th of Jan but I don’t feel as if the Year has been let out of the starting gate at break neck speed as of yet, If you know what I mean.. That being said a few days into the new year I have been reflecting and trying to figure out what to aim my sights on with (hopefully) laser like precision and focus. Figuring out what I like to do, so I can do more of it, figuring out what I should be doing less so I have more time and energy for things which demand my attention. The brainstorming continues but one thing I have realised is that I should be doing more of is blogging, but why may you ask, what do I get out of it, in fact why did I start to begin with?

Well from what I can remember I started blogging to showcase my progress through University and the projects I was working on. Eventually though after my time at University my commitment was sketchy at best for various reasons (Excuses I know..) After a while though I decided to give the whole blogging thing another go, give it a different look and talk about thoughts and experiences that I felt the urge to share.

The process of transmuting thoughts to word was difficult though it become more natural after a few posts and a bit more confidence. The thought of who I was writing for always raised questions in my mind, I didn’t really know who my potential readers would be or what my focus was, same holds true to this day, looking at my blog it is mishmash of posts. Again I put my hands up and admit that I haven’t really committed to what expressing what it at the core my blog and why it warrants attentions. Regardless I still then and to the present moment feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I publish a post but I have been wondering though what would my blog be if I gave it greater attention like I do my 9-5 to job for example?

There are certainly plenty of directions I could take Grade-G, what more do I want get out of my blog, what do I want my current subscribers to gain from reading my blog and what can be done to really get more people reading. It’s always been food for thought, more so now as it’s the start of the new year and an opportunity to lay new foundations. There are obvious things I can do such as: Post more content, post more frequently, promote more through social media. I feel without the right motivation though it will only come across as half hearted and frankly probably not worth anyones time (harsh but true).

The plan, get more focused and revaluate or even reinvent, there is no shame in changing and mixing things up a little!

Till the next time.