Ransomware a very real problem…

Hello All,

Just a little a short guide to ransomware which is a very real threat, that is on the rise and have a read and make sure you are aware.

Ransomware 101


Essentially ransomware is a malicious method of encrypting your important data such as pictures, documents, videos etc and locking them so you cannot access them. In some cases ransomeware can limit the function of your devices or render it unusable.

  •  Never open emails from unknown contacts or strange attachments
  •  Banks will hardly ever send you emails directly so unless you’ve specifically signed up to that service
  •  Don’t be fooled by pop ups when browsing the internet that say you computer is infected or has a virus, don’t click on these if in doubt close your browser or force quit.
  •  Make sure you have anti-virus/Internet security on your laptop/pc/mac/mobile device and that it’s up to date.
  • Refrain from downloading software from vendors/sites/companies you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Make sure you backup your data regularly either to the cloud or and external drive or both if possible
  • if you do become a victim of ransomware the key thing is to speak to an IT specialist or has decent IT knowledge ASAP as there are methods of recovering your data for some different types of ransomware.
  • if your machine is infected you’ll see a message explaining your data has been encrypted and that you must pay a fee to unlock it, there is no guarantee that they will decrypt and unlock your data if you pay the fee that is stated.

This is not an exhaustive list of do’s and don’t but it’s a good start.

Be safe and take care.



The not so “Smart” Phone

Hello All,

How’s it going, are you well, been up to much?

It’s been a age since the last post, for those of you who came across my last post I am glad to say that I have accepted the “Challenge” and I am doing a good job ( so far so good). With this post I’ve created a new category for my blog called Tech Bits, which will be for all things tech related. I don’t know why I didn’t create it sooner considering I am bit of a techie :/

My first post is about my woes having a sub standard smartphone after loosing my Nexus 5. A brilliant phone, the only compromise was it’s average camera capabilities but nothing some clever lighting and a filter or two couldn’t sort. It’s been about 2 months since and I’ve been using a go between phone Cubot s208 to get me through the transition period. The Cubot on paper not so bad considering the price, in practice, a different story…

 Cubot s208

– 1GB of App storage

– Poor front and back camera

– under 2GB of RAM

– no 4GB

+ Micro SD card support

+ Removable battery

+ Affordable price

+ Large Screen

Nexus 5 to the Cubot s208 was difficult, I can’t download the majority of my app catalogue, pictures as so washed out that I feel it’s not worth using the camera at all, limited ram so the phone grinds to a halt sometimes and the battery seems to drain pretty quickly once it hits about 20%.

Nexus 5

With all this being said I still continue to use it mainly for whatsapp, music on the daily commute, as a phone and internet browsing. I’ve been binding my time as I knew the Nexus 6 was due to be released unfortunately the sheer size of the device isn’t ideal for a daily driver, plus the price is a little bit dearer than the Nexus 5, which is understandable more phone for your money (Bigger isn’t always better..). My only option: To buy a unlocked device as my mobile phone tariff is sim only,  which has got me thinking do I really need a new phone?

Nexus 6 (AKA Shamu)

More than anything I think I am miss taking pictures, creating content, Instagram, emails and catching up with all the news sites I subscribe to. At present my experience with these things are either really diluted or pretty much non existent. I do have a Nexus 7 which makes up for the inadequate Cubot s208, though when I am away from WiFi I have to rely on tethering which is so so without 4G. In the grand scheme of things it would be nice to have a new device,  one that just works and I can do a bit of everything on. I could just buy another Nexus 5 but then again with how quickly new phones are churned out these days by tech companies I know something better for a similar price is only above the horizon.

Bigger, taller and more phablet-ish phones, more variables to an already complicated equation… Currently the top contender in my eyes is the LG G3, great specs, great camera capabilities, Micro SD card support and a very close to “vanilla” android experience. The position of the power and volumes buttons (On the back of the unit) would probably need some getting used. The smarter and savvy side of me just says wait till the new year!


My pondering post over, what would you recommend if you were in my position, with the exception of an apple device (Just a preference for Android) ? Would be good to get your view.