China Awaits

A perfect sound to compliment that many thoughts in my head about the experiences me and my friends will have in the next two weeks in China. A different world awaits us and that kind of is an exciting thought enshrouded in a cloud of mystery…..



Metaphorical Music

Hey How’s it going,

Hope you’re well, as for me I’ve been pretty relaxed as of late, week off from work so I can’t complain. Part of the daily routine is to listen to some tunes before calling it a night, this night however I came across some music that I’ve always considered one of my favourites. It will probably make more sense for you to click play on the link below and listen whilst you read for those of you viewing this on a non mobile version of a browser.

It featured on the accompanying sound track to the Japanese animated series Samurai Champloo, nevertheless it doesn’t make it any less of a piece of music for that reason, quite the opposite actually. Just like the series it features in, it’s full of vivid colours which paint a different image in my mind each time I listen.

Mugen, Jin & Fu

The name of the OST for those who are interested is  called ‘Departure’ and is collaboration between Japanese DJ/producer: Nujabes (R.I.P) and American MC/producer: Fat Jon. The album itself is a journey without words from start to finish (except for the first track), you listen, you relate and you create the story or flow of thought. I think that’s the beauty of music without vocals, The only voice you may or may not hear is either in your head, your heart or your soul. As someone with introspective tendencies music like this it plucks at all those inner strings so effortlessly.

Please do have a listen to the OST if you can, I’ve added a link to the whole stream via Soundcloud so you can play whilst getting on with other bits and bobs, would definitely recommend listening with a pair of good quality headphones.

Let me know your thoughts on the music or any recommendations for similar music and for those you who are fans of Japanese Animation I would definitely recommend watching Samurai Champloo! Till the next time.

Take care