The place of Faith


How’s it going? You may have noticed I’ve changed the design of my blog (Hopefully) what do you think? So I wanted to talk a little bit about ‘Faith’, some would say: it’s unquestionable, it’s constantly in flux, it’s just an after thought, it doesn’t hold any real value. Of course that’s not a definitive explanation but ones that just came to mind.

Lately I’ve been giving it a lot of thought as to what I have faith in, when was the last time I put it in something or someone. Placing complete trust and confidence in something that it will never let you down, that you can depend on without a question of doubt? Hand on heart I can’t remember a time when I could have said that I have absolute ‘Faith’. Maybe it’s just a product of getting older, more cynical, less trusting or having learnt not to rely on anything apart from what you can do with your own hands.

Deep down I think probably the main reasons for the lack of faith most likely stems from the fear of taking “The leap of faith”, once you take that step there is sometimes no turning back, the reality of being let down becomes real, the fall will hurt that much more and you may even be powerless to influence the destination of where that leap may take you.

You can’t lead a life without taking a few falls and sometimes you just have to accept that not everything can be influenced by your hand alone. With this in mind think about how others around you place their faith, what leaps they are taking everyday. From personal observation I’ve seen that having faith can mean or manifest itself as: Strength, confidence, determination, trust or even love. Those with unyielding faith seem to reap the rewards more readily and to a greater extent.

I believe though to have strong sense of faith requires a strong heart, that you act with it even if the mind says otherwise. I imagine or at least have been lately what it would be like to have absolute faith to give away a part of myself with no guarantee that it will be given back unscathed. A bit melodramatic but it’s a valid thought at least concerning myself.

Bringing it back onto a lighter note I hope I’ve given you a little something to think about going into the new week. Where could you go or achieve if you had more “Faith” in what you hold dear?


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