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How’s it going? Hope you had a good transition from 2014 to 2015, it’s already the 4th of Jan but I don’t feel as if the Year has been let out of the starting gate at break neck speed as of yet, If you know what I mean.. That being said a few days into the new year I have been reflecting and trying to figure out what to aim my sights on with (hopefully) laser like precision and focus. Figuring out what I like to do, so I can do more of it, figuring out what I should be doing less so I have more time and energy for things which demand my attention. The brainstorming continues but one thing I have realised is that I should be doing more of is blogging, but why may you ask, what do I get out of it, in fact why did I start to begin with?

Well from what I can remember I started blogging to showcase my progress through University and the projects I was working on. Eventually though after my time at University my commitment was sketchy at best for various reasons (Excuses I know..) After a while though I decided to give the whole blogging thing another go, give it a different look and talk about thoughts and experiences that I felt the urge to share.

The process of transmuting thoughts to word was difficult though it become more natural after a few posts and a bit more confidence. The thought of who I was writing for always raised questions in my mind, I didn’t really know who my potential readers would be or what my focus was, same holds true to this day, looking at my blog it is mishmash of posts. Again I put my hands up and admit that I haven’t really committed to what expressing what it at the core my blog and why it warrants attentions. Regardless I still then and to the present moment feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I publish a post but I have been wondering though what would my blog be if I gave it greater attention like I do my 9-5 to job for example?

There are certainly plenty of directions I could take Grade-G, what more do I want get out of my blog, what do I want my current subscribers to gain from reading my blog and what can be done to really get more people reading. It’s always been food for thought, more so now as it’s the start of the new year and an opportunity to lay new foundations. There are obvious things I can do such as: Post more content, post more frequently, promote more through social media. I feel without the right motivation though it will only come across as half hearted and frankly probably not worth anyones time (harsh but true).

The plan, get more focused and revaluate or even reinvent, there is no shame in changing and mixing things up a little!

Till the next time.



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