The Festive Flash Back

Happy Holiday’s All.

I hope you’ve been well and are still enjoying the festivities, whether you’re taking time out to kick back with loved ones, partying it up (tis the season) or just having some time to yourself.

As for me I am still on holiday (thankfully) and have some time fully do whatever I please, though I realise it’s been a long while since I’ve blogged so needed to get back into it before the year ended! As is customary on my part I always like to reflect on the year gone by, many of you may do the same around this time of year. Seeing how far I have gone, If I am better of now, what has changed, things of this nature but not limited to.


The Highlights

  •  Career progression – New role with Penguin Random House Books
  •  More Interaction with Family – Seeing an estranged face or two
  •  Going on Holiday with my closest friends and actually relaxing
  •  Knowing that people genuinely see and appreciate the good in me (Not that I am a monster or anything like that :/ )

The Not so great 

  • Personal development hasn’t gone as far I would have liked
  • Haven’t really done anything extraordinary
  • Haven’t played enough Video Games (No Seriously this is a big thing for me !)
  • Fitness hasn’t been a consistent regime as much as I would have liked.

There is plenty more I could add but for the most part it’s been a pretty decent year for me and happily a lot of good things have happened to those closest to me both friends and family which is definitely an added bonus. It’s strange to think this time last year my Grandmother passed away on boxing day, but this year on that day we were hosting dinner at the Bhogal house hold. Life goes on I suppose, remembrance as a sign of respect but not letting the memory weigh heavy on our minds and hearts (at least how I see it).

On a lighter note there is definitely a good base to build upon the new year, providing I keep on challenging myself, doing new things and giving myself a little bit more credit. I know I’ll have those around me to give me a swift kick up the backside if I ever falter (Thanks guys in advance).


I hope reading this you take the opportunity to have your own moment of reflection, appreciating the better memories, letting go of the negative and envision what the future could be if you take the necessary steps and knowing that support is there is some shape or form.

Till the next post, enjoy the rest of the Christmas break and be very merry!!



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