The Mo Goes On

Hello Hello,

How’s the week going so far? This is just a quick post to let the world or at least my fan base know that I am currently participating in Movember (Click for more info). Growing a moustache in any shape or form, the more ridiculous the better, all in aid of raising awareness of various ailments that can affect men’s health.

Awareness is an integral part of the Movember foundation but just like any charitable organisation donations can go a long way in expanding the scope and reach of the good work the foundation does. If you would like to donate please visit my Mo Space (Click the words ‘Mo Space’)  

IMG_20141118_194759 (1)

Even if you don’t fancy donating just reading the information on the site and gaining a better understanding of what Movember aims to achieve and learning about Men’s health is amazing. That link can be passed on to others thus sharing the knowledge, which is in itself invaluable.

So for those of you participating in UK and around the world, keep on growing those Mo’s and soldiering on and tweaking those mustachios in whatever iteration you feel.

Mo Bro Bhogal


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