Obrigado Algarve

Hey How’s it going?

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve had a pretty busy last few weeks, well going on holiday was one of the major highlights I’ve got to say. So where did I end up going? Well In the end after much deliberation, a touch of desperation and a dash of intrigue my close friends and I decided to play our hand and see what the Algarve had to offer.

Map of the Algarve
Map of the Algarve

I have had a few people ask me where the Algarve was, It’s pretty much Portugal but more of the coastal regions known for it’s various beaches (According to our research). The flight was only a few hours from London Gatwick but not the most pleasant of journey… Easy Jet I am looking at you! Regardless I wouldn’t have normally picked a holiday destination such as this however I chose the last holiday me and by buddies went on just over 4 years ago, which was South Korea. I am sure you can imagine the vast gulf between them on the spectrum of countries to holiday in. It was up to them to pick or at least come to some sort of agreement, with time very very short and expectations and possible disappointment looming we made a unanimous decision to Holiday in the Sunny Algarve. Do we regret it? Not at all, but a lot of that in my opinion was due to me wanting a really relaxing holiday with minimal distractions and I wouldn’t trade the company for the world.

With a next to useless smartphone and my amigo’s on board we set about exploring what Faro and beyond had to offer. As you expected the weather we couldn’t fault, on average it was about 28 Degrees without a single cloud in sight for the majority of the week. Some how I came to accept the heat and live with it, but it would have neigh on impossible without my trusty sun screen. This tolerance was only gained from our two hour plus walk around the area as soon as we arrived at the Hotel Faro. As we had to wait a couple of hours till our room was ready, we decided to dump our luggage and get accustomed to what would be home for the next 7 days.

Where is the beach !!!
Where is the beach !!!

After finding a nearby hotel (Yes another one) we managed to grab some late breakfast and then set off to find the nearest beach and see what the local amenities had to offer. I’ll save you the expense and just say after many hours of walking we never managed to find the beach, though once we did later on during the week we released it couldn’t be got to without the taking a bus or Taxi…. The local town was a sleepy place but had everything we needed: A supermarket, Pharmacy, General shops and a few places to eat. We were pretty lucky that the people we encountered on our holiday were quite accommodating and friendly, though I always laugh when we managed to confuse our cab drivers when telling them we were from London. A group with two indians, one who looks middle eastern and the other european with his beard and finally a Sri-Lankan, That’s a win for diversity in my book (Y) .

We managed to get a good grasp on how to get around pretty easily and believe me when I say that you won’t be walking very far unless it’s to a bus stop, a taxi or a train. It just seems that the towns are only connected via the motor way and train tracks, there is no underground system to speak of, but then again in those sorts of weather conditions and land structure it wouldn’t make a world of sense. Price wise taxi’s where not too expensive especially between the three of us, same goes for the coaches and Train but be warned there are early cut of times for both trains and buses so don’t expect the same level of service you would receive in London (For you U.K dwellers reading)

Being forced to adapt and soak in the heat, slower pace of life and quiet atmosphere probably did us all a world of good. I felt relaxed enough to just go with the flow and not fuss over the details of where we should go or where we should eat, we just took it as it came, asked the locals where would be a great place to go and to our delight they were super helpful. Our levels of maturity since our last holiday four years ago is astounding in comparison, how we went about deciding on our daily excursions, our money management and how we all embraced the food on offer as a group. Speaking of food it goes without saying that if your a sea food lover your definitely in the right place then.

Crab anyone ?
Crab anyone ?


For those of you who enjoy a drink or two (Like myself) the price of alcohol was more than reasonable and the shots were definitely generous 😉 . I guess that what most of our holiday boiled down to, a pretty much extended chill out session of good food, Drink, sight seeing and beaches. We rarely spent time in the hotel but I would always look forward to coming back late in the evening and having that pot of camomile tea!

I think mid holiday visiting Vilamoura which is quite an affluent area with an amazing beach was when I really felt like, the “Mental State Is Zen Like”. Seeing the endless horizon, being by the sea and just hearing the waves crashing against the rock formations. For me I could have just stood gazing into the sea and pondering away at what is and what was to be. That in essence is a key part of any holiday for me, having that time just to stop, to look back and then to imagine where I will be in the distant future. Seeing the world from a different perspective and that’s not to say the world as a whole but more so what I refer to as my world, just call me an old soul..

I would recommend Algarve to anyone for the lovely weather, the beaches, the food and for those looking to make a break and escape the rush of city life. I’m glad I jumped out of my comfort zone and went for something a bit simpler, I think I can speak for my friends as well when I say that we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly in the Algarve. Even now I miss sipping on my whisky as I gazed at the setting sun, with the warm breeze gently fanning us..

Hopefully I won’t leave it another four years to holiday again with my amigos, it’s only going to get harder as we become more tied down and slaves to the £££ (He says jokingly). If anything as I said to them both I would go anywhere but it wouldn’t be the same without you guys. After all these years growing from boys to men I can proudly say that we still haven’t murdered each other yet, but we do have our moments.

Hope you enjoyed the read, Till the next time take care.

Me by the sea..
Me by the sea..





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