The fork in the road

Hey how’s it going?

It’s been a long long while on my part. It has been a eventful few weeks, holidays, birthdays and job interviews. For the sake of this post I want to talk about my next step in life and everything leading to that point. Currently it’s day 4 of my two week break before I start my new role, though I am a bit lost as to what to do with my time, but then again I think it was a smart move to have some time to let things sink in and gear myself up to the new challenge that hopefully awaits me.

It’s been a long road leading to this transition but the journey has left it’s mark on me, I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Every since I decided that I wanted to find a new role a couple of months back I said to myself that I need to be honest with me and more importantly with those around me: Team mates, Friends and Family, I hoped their feedback (subtle and direct) would in turn reinforce my resolve in pushing forward and hopefully lead me to where I wanted to be. I don’t think I’ve wavered but I won’t know for sure until I start my new role (Fingers crossed)

The biggest thing that shocked me in the last week was the reaction to my leaving for new pastures. Admittedly I chose to purposely leave it as late as I could in letting the wider business know that my time was coming to an end, purely to avoid the barrage of questions and disbelief. As my role was very client facing I pretty much knew everyone on the floor, so wanted to shy away from unwanted attention. I couldn’t image that my leaving would equate to much in the wider picture, as everyone is replaceable, in fact before my week had finished there was talk that a replacement had been found, I soon came to realise that my role could easily be filled but they wouldn’t find another me…

How had I come to this conclusion you may be asking? Well lets just say that I don’t think I have ever worked in such a place that I had people specifically coming over to my desk to wish me the best, to tell me that my smile made their days or that my attitude and ability to converse with people could enable me to do anything I want in life. Sure they were upset that I was leaving them as a work colleague but they were upset that a friend was leaving the flock. I can’t begin to explain how much genuine positivity was directed my way. Come 5.00pm Friday I was surrounded by my fellow colleagues/friends from all departments, my Managers boss showering me with probably the kindest words I have ever heard him say about anyone and to top it off my counterpart/brother/partner in mischief has prepared the most embarrassing showreel of myself in very candid photo’s which was presented to all (I need to learn not to be so “photogenic”…) . I was mortified but at the same time touched by how heartfelt it was.

After that It was my turn to say a few words (I did warn the crowd that I can’t stop talking when it comes to public speaking). The words just pretty much flowed from within and off the cuff, I think I may have seen a few teary eyes as well!! After the applause my close friends presented me with gifts a collective pot of money and a card signed by various individuals from the business. I couldn’t have asked for anymore nor did I think that I deserved so much, but hey the crowd had spoken and I couldn’t dismiss their actions as anything else but love. Finally it was time to go out and end my era with a bang !!

I won’t ever forget my time that led up to this point, though my professional ties have been severed I hope I made it clear that my bonds are still just as strong. I wouldn’t be taking my next forward if I hadn’t walked this path towards the fork in the road…

Till the next time.




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