Your Expression


How’s it going? It’s been a long while since I have posted, my apologies for that. I don’t think I can be excused by saying I have been “busy”, let’s just say I took I holiday from blogging ;). Any way hope you’re well, if you live in London you’ve more than likely been lapping up the uncharacteristic weather for the past few weeks, I certainly know a few people with the tans to prove that!!

In this post I wanted to talk briefly about an image/poem that I came across on Facebook Today, which I thought was pretty thought provoking, see below.

Bruce Lee Poem


Bruce Lee: A man, an icon, an actor a legend. Refer to him as you please, there is no debating that he definitely left a lasting impression and enduring legacy on the world that he lived in and transcended to the one we live in now. The above is an extract from a letter ( supposedly ) sent to a friend of Mr Lee. I too have asked these very same questions of myself and also of those around me whether it be close friends, family or people that I have met during my time. To me it’s more about what’s in between the lines, I don’t think it is pretentious, it’s just his expression. That is the key thing, the “expression”.

Mr Lee was all about the expression of ones self, that his form of expression was best conveyed through martial arts and the many facets that in contains.

The video above gives us a little bit of insight into the mind set of Mr Lee and what his expression is. He talks about Honestly expressing oneself through martial arts. After watching this short interview it made me think about my expression in life, I definitely am not a martial artist, I wouldn’t say I am a philosopher though I am a philosophical about life or an actor. What is my “expression” ? Honestly I couldn’t give you a such a convincing answer like Mr Lee, could you? Profound words he speaks, maybe it’s because it’s where I am right now in life that it resonates with me, he seems so genuine, admirable even.

After reading the extract and watching the video, I definitely asked myself what is it to honestly express yourself and ironically had to express myself through this blog post… My mind is still bubbling away thinking about what Mr Lee said, but what do you think? Do you ever give a second thought about how you express what’s in your inner most core and how you expose that to the world?

I hope I have left you with a few things to ponder and I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Till the next time have a lovely week ahead and please feel free to comment and share the thoughts.




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