The Silver Linings

Hey All,

It’s been a while, how have you been? Sorry I haven’t posted in while. I seemed to be focused on other bits and bobs at the moment so I am finding it hard to focus… The last two weeks or so have been pretty interesting to say the least, well no so much directly for myself but others close to me. As is life we sometimes find that things sometimes just don’t seem to be going our way or we’re a bit short on luck. For some that can last a day or two or for others a few weeks, in extreme cases maybe even years!

Personally I’ve been trying my best to help certain people around me come to terms with the way things are in their respective lives but also help give support in the best way I know how, which is to give advice. For the benefit of those reading this that don’t know me, I tend to give very logical and unbiased advise when I can, it’s just the way my mind in hardwired to function. In some cases that works great because people (from experience) sometimes want to be told how it really is and be given advice that is logical.

In some scenarios it doesn’t matter what calibre of advice you give it isn’t going to be much good overall and the reason being is because sometimes you just don’t know how the other person is really feeling deep down inside and what thoughts are swirling around in their minds. As a friend who’s used to giving advice and support it’s difficult in my own way to accept. The reality that I can’t contribute as much as I would like to that persons recovery.

The important thing I eventually realised is that sometimes it isn’t about giving guidance or direction it’s more about being able to listen but also to try and understand what they are going through and feeling. In my scenario being there to hear it all and being alongside them can mean the world (I hope). In the end, yeah it might be raining but behind the storm clouds their is alway a silver lining waiting to pierce the darkness. We can’t be winners and losers forever as life in my eyes is much like a game…

When I was thinking about what to write about this weekend there was some erratic weather and plenty of rain. I noticed that there was a strange quality about the rain drops so filmed what I saw from my window. Once I watched it back I thought this could be a little project in itself. I decided to import the clip into iMovie add some effects and some music and presto I have a dreamy but also inspiring mini clip on my hands (He hopes). Oh and the video did make me think about silver linings and which in turn inspired this post.

Enjoy the Vid and let me know what you think. Otherwise enjoy the rest of your week and keep on looking for those silver linings.




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