The Cotswolds Getaway


How’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I do have a good reason….. I took a short break and went away to the lovely Cotswolds with my family. Mum, Dad, my three older bros, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and not forgetting my little rascal of a nephew. Thanks to my sister-in-laws planning we managed to get to stay in a brilliant place called Larchwood Lodge and for the first time in since I was probably in my mid teens ( Currently 25), all my immediate family were present for the holiday, of course with a few additions B-) since the last time.

The place was stunning and our lodge as with all the others overlooked the lakes and forests, with facilities within the complex such as:

* Parks

* Tennis court

* Petting zoo

* Cycle paths

* Spa

The actual lodge was more then big enough for all of us and was furnished with all the usual mod cons you would expect, however there was one thing that I did shy away from. I made a little vow to myself before we arrived and that would be to refrain from any sort of communication with the outside world. I would under no circumstances switch on my Nexus 5‘s Mobile Internet or connect to the WiFi, I wanted to stay as disconnected from the world as possible, if there was any sort of emergency people could simply call me. Bare in mind that we were away for 5 days, I did bring my Macbook with me but I stayed away from social media and did not check any emails. “Why should I ?” I was on holiday after all.

My resolve was strong and didn’t waver which felt pretty darn good, besides I was too busy having a good time to really worry about anything else as I had my family and plenty of activities to spend my time on. Speaking of activites I would have to say that using the kayaks on the lake outside our lodge was brilliant. I’ve never been in a Kayak or done any sort of sailing but I managed to get the hang of it (I was wearing a life jacket..) In fact everyone got in on the action and it pretty much became the first thing we all did everyday. Some of the other activities on the site were bike riding, the spa which had: Swimming Pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, pool table and a chill out area (one too many espresso’s where had here). Activities aside the holiday wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without the company I was with.

It was really nice to spend time as a family away from the hustle and bustle of our individual lives and just live stress free for 5 days. Bonding was a byproduct of the time we all spent together but what I found really insightful was seeing the dynamic between us all. As myself and third oldest brother live with our parents, my oldest brothers haven’t lived at home for many many years. We’ve all obviously grown up and changed as people, my parents included, so seeing how we all interacted with one another was interesting to see. We all got to see a bit of each of our true colours, I wouldn’t go as far to say there were ups and downs however there were a few sparks flying here and there hahahah.

We also visited neighbouring Cirencester and Burford on two of the days there and the brilliant Cotswold Wildlife Park (It’s a dam shame there isn’t a resident Komodo Dragon..) If you’re ever in the Cotswolds I would definitely recommend visiting the wildlife park, the admission is decent at just over £14.00 (Cheaper then London Zoo).

Burford Sweet Shop
Burford Sweet Shop
Lion at Cotswolds Wildlife Park
Lion at Cotswolds Wildlife Park
Cirencester Town Ram
Cirencester Town Ram

Highlights of the break:

* Family

* Exercise

* Food

* Alcohol

* Time to think

* Relaxation

In regards to the last two points, I had ample time for both and yes I cleared my mind and thought about a few things that I feel need some attention. Perspective was what I had being away from it “All” . It’s not about me being happy or sad, it was more just about what I want to do and what I feel I need to do to move forward. As long as I am doing something that’s the main thing. I have a great set of friends and family so I should feel confident enough to try some new things or do something to develop myself as a person. Funnily enough I feel like I wan’t to have another break as soon as it’s feasible hahahah but in the meantime I’m sure I will be keeping busy.

Here’s a little sample of my view everyday, the weather wasn’t amazing but the view and peace and quiet was more than enough.

The view from the Larchwood Lodge
The view from the Larchwood Lodge

So that about wraps it up, I just want to say thanks for reading. I still find it somewhat weird that people actually read the stuff I write, though it would be nice to get a few comments here and there (He say’s politely), but honestly means a lot that people are actually following me and my blog and signing up via email. It all helps to serve as a incentive to blog, because it wouldn’t be as much fun without an audience! Till the next time, you take care.




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