Loving What Is

Evening All,

How’s it going, get up to anything exciting this weekend? For me it’s been pretty standard, mainly a family affair with plenty of lazing around playing video games. I kind of thought gosh what am I going to blog about this week? Maybe I shouldn’t bother as I have nothing worthwhile to talk about… Then I thought well, I’ve been getting more and more people following my work so I owe it to them to keep things consistent and keep on getting better at this blogging thing B-)

So I done some thinking and just thought, what is different now compared with the same time last year? Before you say “This guy must have a brilliant memory”. Don’t be fooled I cheated a little :/ Thanks to Facebook and their wonderful “On This Day” button which lets you see what happened exactly a year ago, plus the timeline on one’s profile. Venturing back let’s just say it was a pretty busy time, with plenty of things going on. It actually shocked me as I could have sworn those things happened a week or so ago (warped perception of time).

Definitely good times and plenty of fun memories. I’m not a nostalgic individual but sometimes the past can be a good framework for how you feel the future should be crafted. If I want some of that good stuff I’ll need to take a few steps to create some good foundations to build it upon. Perfect example is when I think of my friends and family a year ago and then a year onwards. A lot has changed, thankfully a lot of good has happened since then: Weddings, passing of exams, new cars, new jobs and so on. At present my two good friends are going through a bit of renaissance in terms of rewriting their paths they are walking at the moment.

One is nearing the end of his degree which has definitely moulded and changed him into a different person (for the better), the other is breaking the norm and is laying down the ground work for his business venture backed by his mentors. Both are more happier and enthusiastic then I can remember which in turn brings me joy, as they are on the way to greatness! It’s definitely inspiring and has  given me plenty of food for thought as I am a bit confused to where I want to be in the near future.

My biggest obstacle in moving forward right now, is the lack of “Love”.  It’s a bit of a buzz word in my head (goes to show a lot about my character) however in this case the word has a lot of other meanings and values attached to it then simply feeling strongly about something or someone. Put it this way, have you ever thought about how much love you inject into life? If life was a person that you showed an infinite amount of love for, how do you think it would react?

More relaxed, more confident, not being so caught up with their flaws but most of all have the best of them brought out for the world to see. Now personification aside, I am strong believer that life is very reactive and volatile. Sometimes things go your way and at other times they can go diabolically wrong. It’s a mixture of trial, error, experience with a bit of luck. There are also people inside that container labelled life. So make sure you show them some “Love” too. As for me I need to start doing more and taking more steps forward (or at least try) and just see where it leads me. Who know’s where I will be in a year from now, hopefully I won’t be revisiting this thought again but instead have a smile on my face knowing that my life is that much more rich.

Hope you readers have a brilliant week ahead and thanks for reading/following.




High Five that !!

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