Clean Desk, Clean Mind ?

Hello All,

How as has the weekend been? In London the weather has been pretty good this bank holiday weekend (Thank May Bank Holidays) shame I am not a huge fan of the sun but nevertheless seems people have been soaking up those rays and making the most of it. I wanted to talk about a little project which I have my sights set on. Renovation of my current bedroom/office. Now the prospect of this sounds great right? Out with the old, in with the new plus a lick of paint here and there. Well yeah in essence that is true I am trying to refrain from going in, all guns blazing.

You might be asking why this is important enough for me to dedicate a post to? Well I am trying to be more productive these days. It’s probably stems from my current line of work, which is IT desktop support 1st/2nd line. At the office I have a dual screen setup consisting of a laptop and widescreen monitor, with a large work bench with an ample amount of space for my users to place their laptops on or just for general builds and equipment setup. So I am looking to capture some of that at home and I am somewhat there with my daily driver of a Macbook Pro, I’ve also just ordered a HD monitor and wireless mouse to make the flow a bit better.

Now my living space is quite compact. A desk, a bed (Single), wardrobe and a few shelves oh and the room is painted a blue/purple colour, which as you can imagine doesn’t do much to make the room feel bigger… What was “I” thinking when I decided to go for that colour. Well I was young and not really concerned about what colours play well with light at the time…

Identical Colour Swatch

Finding a new colour shouldn’t be too difficult but I am definitely staying away from the magnolia school of paint. Currently I use my desk for one thing mainly and that is to place my Macbook Pro on and my wireless Router. There are few bits and bobs in the drawers and on the side shelves but really I could do with getting rid of a lot of clutter. Again another problem I have is that I have amassed a collection of chargers, AC adaptors and various electronic cabling over the years (TechProblems) and I don’t have the heart to throw them away. Now that’s not to say I am a hoarder… I simply want to get rid of them in a responsible manner, which is proving to be a bit difficult in the area that I live (The search continues).

Replacing the desk for something more sturdy and stylish would do wonders but again with the size of the room width + Length could be an issue, however a new desk could mean a fresh start and not just an excuse to spend ……The inspiration for the renovation comes from a blogger/entrepreneur/photographer/British Ambassador and fellow Brit (This guys is super talented) Danny Choo.

He has such a diverse history and is very much passionate about Japanese and eastern culture like myself, in fact he has made a living out of it, through sheer determination, drive and ambition. I do somewhat look at him in awe but understand that nothing came easy for him as explained in his motivational but very grounded posts. Oh and yes his father is Jimmy Choo though from what I have read, Danny has never relied on his fathers name to help further himself (Have a read of his site and you’ll understand).

Getting back on point, Danny has an excellent feature titled  “Desk Diary”. Here he shares his current office/home setup in Japan, that’s constantly changing to suit the projects he’s currently working on. Here is the link for his most recent post:

Danny Choo’s previous desk setup

His current business venture is his smart doll, which is a customisable doll which anime like features his own design. I would liken it to a Japanese version of a Barbie but catering more to Japanese sensibilities and an older target audience. The Product may not be to everyone’s taste but either way Danny has put his heart and soul into creating it from scratch and painstakingly is refining his product.

Danny is definitely a visionary in my eyes but he also shows that having the right work space not matter how big or small helps in being more productive, hence why I am keen to change things up. Maybe you should give it some thought too? If I go through with all these big changes and if I am happy with the end result I think I’ll share it otherwise I will just live with the shame of my ugly space…..

Currently my space…..

As you can see there is plenty that can be done, the question is where to begin? Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, maybe you’ve been inspired 😉 . Thanks for reading and for following Grade G, it certainly gives me something to forward to when I blog on Sunday B-) Have a great week ahead and if you like you can follow me on my other sites as well and check out Danny Choo’s site as well:



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