It’s only your surprise birthday Mum !!

Hey All,

How’s it going, have you had a good weekend? It’s been a good one for me I must say. The build up to this Saturday was interesting, essentially it was Mum’s 60th on Thursday (Epic Milestone) so we celebrated in typical fashion. My bro’s, sister in law and nephew came over with flowers and cards for mum, had a nice takeaway dinner and cut a cake. That however wasn’t the end of that, we sneakily decided we wanted to throw mum a surprise party and invite our nearest and dearest (Cunning I know). So we had to make sure no one blew our cover and just said to mum that we should go out for a nice meal on Saturday as it’s been so looooong since we’ve done that as a complete family.

The stage was set and everything just seemed to fall into place quite nicely.  To say that the whole organisation was sort of last minute wouldn’t be an exaggeration but then again it seems to be the norm in the Bhogal family (Unfortunately) Regardless there was a brilliant turn out and my mum really felt the love as she had mentioned to a cousin the day after her birthday “It would have been really nice if all my family was with me to celebrate”. I think we exceeded that expectation and then some judging by her reaction as everyone yelled SURPRISE !!!!.

It was a brilliant party and I have the gravely voice to prove it today 😛 . The best bit though is that I actually felt super happy today as it just felt unbelievably amazing to do something for my mum like that. She does so much for everyone regardless of whether they are family or not and never asks for anything in return. Guess we all got the chance to show her how much we all love and appreciate her. So yeah here’s to many more years of infinite joy and happiness and thanks to all those that made it special.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say, probably fortunate I didn’t have to speak much today with my voice, gosh it’s really strange sounding right now….. Here a little snapshot of yesterday, otherwise have a great start to the week.






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