Dreams, the subconsciouses playground..



Evening All,

How’s it going? Very rare to for me to post back to back but I had something I wanted to talk about, so I thought what the hell, I might as well. Dreams… those funny things that you tend to have whilst you sleep that usually make hardly any sense or your just forget what happened as soon as you wake up. Even the most fantastical of dreams seem to evaporate into thin air as soon as you open those eyes (probably why they say you should keep a notepad handy next to the bed) I would be lying if I said I had crazy, surreal dreams filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful things….. Okay maybe once in a while, otherwise I tend to dream in the space that I have between waking up for work and snoozing till I actually have drag my self out of bed.

Now I have got to say that I tend to have a few dreams in the space of an hours snooze as I keep waking up and checking the time (dam internal clock, maybe I should trade biological for digital..) The worst thing is that in my short and snappy dreams I tend to be woken up within them by some sort of indicator or event within the dream “Dam I am going to be late for work”!! Sad but true…. Once in a while I do have other dreams and I know I wouldn’t be alone in saying that most people have these. Dreams which seem to play out your subconscious thoughts with some what high degree of accuracy or truth.

For me these tends to pack a bit more of a mental punch as my they can be quite revealing to my self, kind of like self awareness as the inner self you hardly hear from telling the outer self what really goes on in the dark corners of your mind. Sunday night I had very little sleep, not sure why but I was totally wired but I wasn’t feeling like I was troubled by anything, so couldn’t understand why I couldn’t sleep. Eventually I feel asleep at about 1.30-2.00 am, I had a fairly normal dream, set in an environment I knew and the people were all familiar. What made it a bit “Wow” was that there was someone in it that I haven’t seen in an age but the interaction in the dream with that person was so normal and natural that it almost felt like it wasn’t a dream.

The dream was cut short as I (surprise,surprise) had to get up for work but it made me think.

1. I could pretty much remember 80% dream quite easily and it didn’t just leak out of my mind and down the drain of dreams.

2) I saw a picture of that person a few hours before finishing my previous post, so the image must have stuck in my subconscious. I wouldn’t say that I fully understood what my subconscious was trying to spell out, I can only wonder I suppose.

Maybe one day I will revisit it, but my advice is not to ignore your subconscious. It can show you a multitude of different things such as: When your worried about something, missing something, feeling angry about something, stressed out about something or things that are playing on your mind. Being the poker face kind of character that I am, these dreams give excellent feedback in terms of how I really feel about things, which I don’t really pay much thought to whilst I am awake.

Anyway I thought I’d share. Keep on dreaming, literally and don’t be afraid to read in-between the lines. The more you learn about what goes on in your core can’t be bad right?

Till the next time.

P.S go and watch some “Regular Show” it will make you have awesome dreams !!



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