Family Business

Hey all,

How’s it going? Did you have a good weekend or get up to anything nice? As for myself it’s been a good couple of days. My good friend who works alongside me a Thomas Cook returned from Sri Lanka on Thursday (Couldn’t be more happy to see him) and  work is going alright, it’s in hand, though those white hairs are popping up like weeds…. Ah yes I also forgot to mention my parents 37th wedding anniversary was on Thursday as well (How the time flies).

So what did we get my dear parents you may be asking? Well if I am honest we left it kind of late but in the end decided to get a nice picture of them and frame it. Now my part in that was to search through my digital archive of just over 200GB of photos from over the years taken mostly by me on digital camera’s, SLR’s and smartphones and find a cracker of a picture of them. Disappointingly I only managed to find just a handful of photo’s of my Mum and Dad together, without their pesky kids along side.. The ones I found were sent my bro Kuch for inspection and we both decided on one pic (See below)

My Old Dears
My Old Dears

Now everything was in hand for Saturday, where we would present the photo, however to our disbelief we realised that we had the same photo already framed on our wall of family pics (Epic Fail). We laughed about as best as we could but the thought was definitely appreciated by the folks. So with present in hand my bro Kuch set about getting the three course menu prepared, he is a bit of a super chef ! The food was delicious: crusty baguette with butter, Mushroom Risotto, Prawns with chorizo, Aubergine lasagne, coq au vin and asparagus shoots. I didn’t take any pics as I was starving, otherwise they probably would have been on Instagram Already hahaha. 


Pre 3 course meal
Pre 3 course meal

The dinner itself was a bit of a celebration for quite a few different things really, good things within the family, which have been a bit far and few between. With that in mind, it hit me. Family really does mean a lot to me, the up’s and down’s we all share it together, you wouldn’t feel it if you didn’t care. That awareness has come with age, wisdom and maturity. Their influence has also shaped me as a person as well, the proof is in how I treat my friends and people in everyday life. I may not be the most social or outspoken, however I don’t feel conceited when I say I leave a lasting impression on people which seems to only grow as times passes on, zero idea how and why though..

I’m glad to say that we have more to celebrate in the next few weeks, as my Mum is turning 60 and she has no idea we are planning anything for her, it’s (Fingers Crossed) going to be a good one and I know my extended family is going to be there to make it that much more special as well. The fun doesn’t stop there, we also have a little family get away planned for May which is the second time in all of our lives that we have been on a Holiday as a whole family. Yeah I know shocking is an understatement but with 3 older siblings and parents that work uber hard it is difficult to co-ordinate something of that scale. Regardless it’s happening and I am bloody looking forward to it, so bring on May already !!

Rounding things off I just want to say:

  • Family  = Important
  • Life is good at present
  • More to celebrate soon
  • Need to sort out family pics (Digital and Physical)
  • Have a brilliant week ahead




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