The Apple-ing goes on…

Hello to you,

How was the weekend? It’s been a while now since I purchased my Macbook Pro Retina 15” (December 2013). This Macbook was to become my daily driver and so far it’s been a pretty good investment.

Admittedly I haven’t really pushed the envelope in what the Mac is capable of in terms of specs (8GB, i7 Quad Core). Definitely needs to change…. I use my mac to blog, browse the net, watch a few videos and recently gaming. I’ve never been really a big fan of Laptop/PC Gaming, however I’ve started to rekindle my love for retro titles and emulators.

At the moment though I am currently playing an Indie game called Rogue Legacy. It’s 2D side scrolling action platformer set in a medieval backdrop. The aim is to enter a castle which randomly generates the: Map, enemy locations, treasure chests and other bits and bobs every time you step through the front door. Now the catch is every time your knight dies you have to pick a new decedent to carry on the quest and the essentially start from the beginning of the castle. Now I know this sounds daunting, but along the way any gold collected can be used to upgrade your character, buy new classes and abilities as well as armour/weapons or beef up your stats.

So in essence you inch further and further deeper into the castle, better equipped and that little bit more wiser. To me this is an excellent premise as I love a good challenging game that rewards skill and careful planning. I would say I’ve died more than 50 or so times and I’ve only been playing for a few days. I highly recommend this game for those who like a challenge and enjoy the metroidvania style of gameplay. There is a story also but I haven’t really delved deep enough to explain it…

Now back to the Mac. In terms of the the performance, the recommended specs are: 2GB RAM, Dual Core and a graphics card of sorts. On paper this mac can handle that no problem, looking at the game you wouldn’t think that the graphical demand was quite high as the art style doesn’t really require it (Not to say it doesn’t look good 🙂 ) Oddly enough playing this game seems to drain the battery like it was a running tap.

Usually when I play my background apps are closed with the exception of my antivirus, though I don’t turn of the WiFi (Drain in itself). Gaming seems to waste more juice then playing music through the Mac’s speakers… Maybe the Macbook isn’t cut out to be a gaming machine, which is fine. It’s not what I purchased it for, though it might be something to keep in mind for prospective buyers (Maybe go for the higher spec with dedicated graphics card!). This being said the charger is never far away and in general the battery seems to last more than 5+ hours on a single charge.

Keeping focus on battery I have to confess that Chrome is a bit of beast when it comes to power usage.. My chrome has an add blocker and Push Bullet active and that would be it for extensions. I can’t bring myself to use safari or firefox purely for the Google/Android integration I have between Mac/Nexus 5/ Nexus 7 with Chrome as the middle man..

So to round of this weeks post, I’ve been a “Mac” for over 4 months and it’s been a pleasant experience thus far with the slight hiccup of gaming. No biggie and the journey goes on.

Have a great week ahead and make sure you try out Rogue Legacy for Free !!!


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