The Journey

Hello All,

How has your week been thus far? I’ve been loving the time off from work (Think my white hairs have reduced in number) and catching up on my gaming !!

In this particular post, I wanted to focus on a the experience of my good friend, playing a game called Journey (On the PS3) The game was developed by “That Game Company” and directed by Jenova Chen. The game was said to be plagued by production issues, however I am glad to say once released was greeted by a wave of positive publicity from reviewers and gamers alike.

Now as the title of the games suggests, it’s about the “Journey”. Beyond that there is no dialogue and very little “obvious” direction in what you should be doing in the game or the story itself. Personally I would say this game is what you would call an indie title in it’s purist form shying away from what most modern conventions of what a game should be.

Yes there is start,middle and end, their are also elements of play and rules that govern it. That being said whilst playing the game you don’t feel a sense of urgency to progress and their is a vast amount of freedom, in fact I spent most of my time admiring the beautiful surroundings.

Visually the game is stunning and the accompanying sound track does wonders to stir the emotions. The magical aspect of this game however is that no two people will probably connect with the game in the same way. There is no real explanation as to who,what,why and where. As you do progress you are shown more and more of a tapestry like image that documents a civilisation of sorts but how that interlinks with your characters journey. Well that’s up to you to interpret as a player I think….

My attempt at a review aside, what I really wanted to talk about is how my friend played the game. I would describe my friends gaming prowess as casual at best, gaming doesn’t play a bit part in his life, so I was eager to see how he would be respond to a game like this.

All I did was hand him the controller and away he went. I gave minimal instruction and just watched as he traversed the sand dunes and overcame the obstacles. I was pretty surprised how quickly he picked it up and he actually was amazed by the level of detail the surroundings had to offer. Gameplay wise he did get frustrated at times but he held his resolve and I could see a genuine sense of wanting to see his journey to the end. Funnily enough we did start to talk about what the meaning of the game was and started relating it to our own lives in some ways.

Ultimately the “Journey” was cut short due to a technical glitch and the game suddenly froze….(Hope my Hard Drive is not about to die) I did see that my friend was disappointed but he will be able to pick up where he left off next time. If you have the chance to play this game I would definitely recommend doing so even if it’s just to admire the environments or listen the the beautiful soundtrack. Where will your Journey take you ??


As always have a good week ahead and yes I know the week is almost done, but I am back at work tomorrow so……





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