Weekend High

Evening all,

How did the weekend treat you, get up to anything nice. For you London dwellers I’m sure the arrival of sun must have raised a few spirits B-)

I do find it amazing how uplifting the sight of a clear blue sky and the sun can be. So what did I get up to on the weekend? Well let’s say my weekend started on Thursday evening after work, I had to get a few essentials. Lucky me being a city boy, I could indulge in a bit of “late” night shopping in central London. I am a guy who likes to shop for clothes though I prefer to go solo, as I am quite particular about what I want and don’t really need a second opinion. So what was a looking for and why?? I was on the hunt for some black Jeans and a blazer with a bit of a smart/twist, for my cousin brothers’ 21st Birthday celebrations on Sat, I needed to look sharp as a tac.

As I work near St Paul’s Cathedral I decided to start my shop in Oxford Circus and work my way through Regent Street and end at Piccadilly Circus.

ImageI ended up buying a cropped grey blazer from Topman  and a pair of uber skinny black jeans from Cheap Monday in Carnaby Street. If you’ve never been to Carnaby street I would definitely recommend paying a visit!! I have to confess though the jeans I got I didn’t end up wearing as they were a bit too “much” for what I needed though. Plan- B another pair of jeans from Cheap Monday, which were also black and just as good for the night.

Shopping done, Friday was the day to get it all rounded off with a uber clean and smart haircut. Hair appointment was booked at J-Moriyama after work at 6.30pm so had plenty of time to get there but after a long week I was pretty much out of steam, nevertheless getting my haircut is always therapeutic, plus the shoulder massage afterwards isn’t half bad either 🙂

I wanted to go for something simple and easy to manage, the understated look which is a far far cry from my younger days of big anime hair (We all go through that phase right…..) On arrival it was super busy so had to wait a bit longer, no problem so just check my messages in the meantime. My best friend Anand is saying something about inception this and that though I didn’t really understand. what I saw on screen.

Totally confused I am, hence no reply

Turn my head to the left and there is someone standing outside the door smiling at me, Anand?? Golly gosh it was him, he remember I was getting my haircut and was in the area so thought he would surprise me. My demeanour was like that of a rock, didn’t flinch but at the same time really just confused… A welcome surprise, though I feel bad for making him wait so long whilst I got my haircut. It wasn’t in vain, not in the slightest !

Saturday 8th March 2014, the day of the party. Everything was set and the excitement was at it’s peak, though there was a slight moment of utter frustration, I am a bit embarrassed to say but I managed to rip my top button off my brand new shirt …. Not to say I couldn’t have sown it back on but I really didn’t have the time. It funnily enough worked out as I planned to keep my collar unbuttoned, minor annoyance now = slight convenience (epic win). The party was awesome, a nice mix of family and friends and the cake was oh so delicious, hand made by my talented cousin sis Suki (Shame I didn’t take a picture!!)

Kind of crazy how old my cousin Taz has become, pretty much a man now, though in my eyes he will always be my little bro. I think all in all it’s the family that make these gatherings special, yeah simple thought but not necessarily a direct outcome as family can be a bit £$£%@^!!!! sometimes. The picture below however I sums up the feeling at the party, it’s a shame not all members are present, especially the Birthday Boy Himself (Something must have been going on at the bar)

Family Business

That Pretty much sums up Saturday. Sunday believe it or not I was up at 6.00am probably suffering from a bit of dehydration (Whiskey was the drink of choice the previous night..) and after waking up I just couldn’t get back to sleep, so after forcing myself out of bed, I showered and instantly felt revitalised, proceeded to: Wish a dear friend happy birthday (Don’t think she would appreciate a mention by name hahah ) clean the kitchen, do the laundry, hoover the house and upgrade my PS3 hard drive (It’s a nerds life). Other than that I just kept busy and in the evening Anand came over. He has an interview Monday afternoon so I am quietly cheering him on to land the role!!

The end of the weekend and this post.

Let the new week commence.

Have a prosperous week ahead.



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