For The Love Of The Game

Good Evening all,

How has your weekend been thus far? How has your Monday Treated you? As for me it’s been the usual family affair, never a quiet one in the Bhogal household but then again I guess you can’t keep good family down hahahah (He says sheepishly). Before I go into this weeks post I have to say I am really surprised at a little “alcoholic” concoction I decided to make. Whiskey or is it Whisky + Honey + Green Tea. Look it up when you have a chance !!

So to this weeks post. I wanted to talk about something that’s always been close to my heart, I’ve touched on it here and there before (Previous Posts) but haven’t really spoke of it in recent months.

Video Games, Computer Games, Mobile Games, Online Games. There are so many iterations but without going into the specifics of what a “Game” is I will just say I am referring to the kind of games you play on Video Games Consoles: PSX, N64, PS3, Xbox 360 (So many acronyms…)

It’s only in the last few months that I have started to game again and it feels awesome. I guess for me playing video games is akin to reading a good book, drawing or even watching a good film. to me it’s just pure enjoyment, though if you were to look at my face whilst playing you might think different !!

Would I consider myself as a hard core gamer? If I am honest not really, purely for the fact that I don’t invest huge amount of hours into it, well not as much I used to in my younger days (responsibilities and all that jazz) I also don’t really go out and pay big money for new games or even pay much attention to Triple AAA titles. I tend to stick to franchises/series that I have grown up with or have an interesting twist like indie games or games with local multiplayer at it’s core like Boarder Lands 2 (Assassins FTW though useless against Sirens in Duels..)

The hardest bit about this post is that I can’t stress enough my love for the game in a single post as there is just THAT MUCH LOVE !!! I can’t fit it all in … I guess as per usual I am loosing a bit of focus on what I am trying to say but hey it’s important to express these things regardless of how coherent or not you are.

Speaking of love I must say how impressed I am with how far casual gaming has come along in the past few years. I could be wrong in saying this but Consoles such as the Wii and the Nintendo DS pretty much shot casual gaming into the stratosphere with titles such as Wii Sports, Brain Training and Animal Crossing.

Mobile Gaming has also played a huge part in the explosion of casual gamers, Angry Birds is the ultimate story of runaway success. On my daily commutes on the London Underground I see quite a few people engaging in a bit of casual gaming, Candy Crush seems to be game of choice for most commuters, though it makes me laugh when I see older gentleman, wearing suits with stern faces placing solitaire on their shiny iPhones (guess the classics never fade away)

Seeing things like this does make me feel that the Video Game industry is truly here to stay, though a bit of a revolution may in order to shake things up as it’s becoming a bit stagnated (IP’s being recycled and remade) (Unwillingness to let go of old franchises in favour creating something new). These are but two issues from in my personal opinion. Sadly to say Money is probably at the heart of most decisions and some see Video Games as a show pieces to sell game engines, prime example the Unreal Engine. I would like to believe that there is a genuine passion to create tools to enable others to create and share their gaming passions (Romanticism)

If I had to say what game I hold in high regards I would consider my all time favourite Final Fantasy VII

I have really fond memories of playing this game with my bro’s when I was around 9 years old. At the time it was the game that came bundled with the PSX on 4 CD’s. That in itself just made me think EPIC!?! Admittedly at the time I didn’t know what the RPG Genre was and I think most of the themes and dialogue were beyond my understanding, but just watching my bro’s play and getting the occasional chance to play here and there was something special. As I grew older I finally revisited the game and I could finally fill in all the gaps in the story and complete a run through myself.

Since that time I’ve always held FFVII as the bench mark of what an excellent game should/could be irrespective of genre. Definitely a lot of good memories and frustrations naturally (RPG Level Grinding…) associated with this game.

Final Fantasy VII

So that about brings this post to an end. I wanted to write so much more but hopefully you got the essence of what I was trying to say, a bit of a medley of how I view Video Gaming. I’ll be coming back to this in another post and maybe try my hand at reviewing…

Till the next time, have a brilliant week ahead and I’ll leave you with a little Video of a Kickstarter project I backed recently that holds a special place in my heart.

Mighty Number 9 (Please Click)



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