The Man Behind The Profile

A very good Evening/Morning to you all!

How has your weekend been thus far? For myself I would say quite a chilled out affair with plenty of family in and out of the house, it’s a typical Bhogal affair. I think it’s probably more accurate to say that the Bhogal house is more of a home than a house!

I have to say I am a bit disappointed in myself for not blogging for the last two weeks straight, I don’t like to make excuses so I won’t, instead I’ll just pick up where I left off…. This week I want to talk about something that is probably quite trivial, no life lessons and philosophises here, Instead is a drop in the ocean of social media and online presence.

I am of course talking about the “Profile” picture. Whether we like it or not (See what I did there) the profile picture is something we put thought into. It’s the first thing people see when viewing our many “Profiles” Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc. It’s an ideal opportunity to tickle your own ego, vanity and self indulgent funny bones. In a shallow sort of way we might choose to represent ourselves in a way when we feel or at least look our best (Jaded maybe?). It’s an ideal tool to impress others or even attract attention depending on the context and platform.

I have to say though I am guilty of being somewhat of a show off though it’s really weird for me to say that considering the way I am as a person (According to friends). I rarely place myself in the lime light out of choice, though I must say that I do enjoy putting myself out there from time to time and surprising people, being a bit of dark horse as some may say. It’s only natural right, that you feel the need to shine here and there :P. From a purely physical perspective I wouldn’t rate myself as a good looking guy, if anything I’ve been told I look more handsome, all thanks to all mighty beard, though people do sometimes speak of the eyes (always embarrassed when people comment on the eyes…) So for me I will only every make my profile picture an actual picture of myself when it shows some character from the way I dress for an occasion or if it’s a group pic with people I care about.

It sounds a bit obvious, but then again if you were to talk to people face to face about how you present yourself to the online community it may seem a bit of a cringe worthy conversation. You know and they know that profile picture doesn’t really sum up who you are as a real person. It can be quite comical if you think about it, if you were to talk to your nearest and dearest about how your profile picture/selfie is cropped, photo filtered and angle just right but what you see in front of your eyes is miles away from what so many estranged colleagues, friends and family see on a daily basis in the online realm.

Now I don’t want to make this into a debate or a dig at how we present ourselves online, far from it. I just want to explain why I sometimes choose to use profile pictures that clearly not myself. Simply put a profile picture is an excellent opportunity for me to express a bit of character and be a bit quirky. If people really want to see what I look like and as as long as they are apart of my social network, there are usually loads and loads (some bad, not so many good) pictures for you to see of me….

Whilst writing this post I was thinking to myself is this even post worthy? It’s a bit of a self indulgent subject and frankly seems like a bit of a cop out from my usual posts. I am not sure where how to categorise but I think it’s more of an observation than food for thought kind of post. Many of us would have had the same dilemma at least once or two, for some maybe even daily depending how much of an importance your online presence means to you.

Whatever your choice in profile picture, just remember that’s is a brilliant space to be that little bit quirky and expressive. That Pictures speak a thousand words and all that Jazz, but think about it. Who really is going to want to listen to those thousand words?

Till the next time, have a lovely weekend, who know’s I may post twice to make up for my lack blogging. I’ll see if anything interesting comes to mind.




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