Life with Mac

A very good evening to you all or should I say good night as it is nearing midnight this Sunday 26th Jan..

I am not sure why but I feel most comfortable blogging at this sort of time, maybe it is because it’s closer to the end of the week and the start of the new one. Just an odd quirk I guess. So this week as promised I wanted to try something a bit different, again I almost didn’t blog this week as I thought I would need some more time to get some ideas in mind, but regardless I thought it’s best that I stick to my routine. I’ve heard somewhere that it takes 30 days to form new habits, I wonder if that means I would need to blog everyday for 30 days before it became a habit (……….) That aside, as the title of my post suggests I am focusing on Macs. To be more precise the late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch (8GB, Integrated Intel Graphics, i7 Quad Core and 256 SSD)


Screen Shot 2014 01 26 at 23 28 54

Great Steal of an image from my Instagram feed as some of you may have seen before (Too Lazy to take a picture of my MacBook Pro Again, also a big fan of Gundam for you Otaku out there 😛 ) Picture was taken the first day I got the Mac home which was late December 2013. Now this post is just an introduction in my new category addition to my blog, as this will be an on going thing till I am satisfied (Or you) that I have fully expressed how life is with a mac as my main driver and if it is worth the investment (The term investment may be a bit loose for some….) I do agree that Apple products can be quiet expensive for what they are and probably not worth £ for £ what they are priced, however I do feel that the effort, craftsmanship and quality of the materials and build do reflect in the price. 

Now you may be thinking that my opinion is going to be biased and purely subjective as I have already purchased one and would be foolish to rain on my own parade or admit to the “Buyers Remorse”. Well If I am honest I took an age deciding to buy one and I was lucky enough in my line of work to gain more exposure to apple devices, so I’ve had an extended test run without spending a penny. Previously before purchasing this I had been using a custom built PC that I had built myself 4-5 years ago which was starting to show it’s age. I could have probably upgraded it but funnily enough working with a laptop at work I have become a custom to the idea of mobile computing and a bit obsessed with a cleaner workspace…. So with this in mind I initially went on the search for an ultra book, which made me think what did I actually want to do with the new toy that would replace my pc? BTW my pc was donated to my brother who is an avid photoshop artist which was an upgrade from his current desktop 😉 

Emails, Word Processing, Blogging, Watching Videos, Photoshop, listen to music and maybe the odd game or two, that’s not an exhaustive list but for the most part the main things. I didn’t need a beast but I also couldn’t deal with something that would go into meltdown at the first glimpse of multiple tabs in Chrome. It had to be something that would last, which I would be willing to pay a bit of a premium for. Looking at an ultra book or two it just seemed that were very similar to macbook air kind of specs but neither would probably be very future proof, so in the end the macbook Pro seemed to tick many of the boxes. 

So how has life with Mac been so far? well here is a quick summary so far.

The Good

  • Brilliant Screen Resolution (Not Sales clincher but nice)
  • Simple Design 
  • Trackpad gestures 
  • Good Weight Distribution 
  • Webcam
  • Decent Internal Speakers
  • Very quiet
  • Keyboard is a joy to type on
  • Start up almost is speedy due to SSD
  • WiFi works really well (Coming from having a constant wired LAN connection on PC, though it may be a reflection on my ISP more than anything)
  • Love the UI presentation of pictures and files, makes scrolling a pleasant experience 


The Bad

  • PRICE !!!!
  • Battery life is something to get used to (overly protective about charging too long, as I have had horror stories at work with messed up charging cycles and battery deterioration)
  • The UI for OSX is a bit too grey… (Will find tweaks in time but a little colour wouldn’t hurt)
  • No snapping windows side by side like in Windows 7 (Has been solved with an app, though if it was inbuilt into Mavericks it would be welcome)
  • No Optical Drive in the Retina versions of the MacBook Pro (Unable to watch my Anime back log of DVD’s 😦  )
  • Small SSD the alternative was way too expensive…


These are but a few of the pro’s and con’s that I have encountered thus far, though I am quite a techie and have plans to solve some of the issues myself in time. I still need to use the webcam a bit more but I am not the most social guy on the planet so I do refrain from using it and it will be interesting to see how easy it is on a mac to flash custom roms on my Nexus 5, yes I am an Android, this is the first piece of Apple hardware I have ever owned…. Hopefully as time goes by I will paint a better picture for those who are prospecting the thought of buying a Macbook Pro or even for those who are just curious to see what all the fuss is about. For most it is probably a debate about form over function but I would say you don’t know till you really try, despite what you read or hear. I’ve put a considerable investment in my MacBook Pro so I am never going to live it down if I don’t get my monies worth!!

If you would like to keep up to date with my extended product review of this luxurious piece of hardware, then be sure to subscribe to 

Till the next time have a great start to the week (Just noticed it’s gone past 12.00am, bad times…)






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