The Inner Driver

Good Evening on this sleepy Sunday,

How has the weekend been, been up to anything excited?

This week’s post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend over coffee yesterday night. The friend was telling me how they realise that life is just one massive string of events which ultimately shapes what you are in the present. The memories and experiences from childhood into adulthood, all the way up until the moment they were telling me about their realisation (That’s a bit Meta right?)

Now it didn’t come as a surprise to me, I listened and agreed and was happy that they had come to this realisation. They could see a brighter future (The look in their eyes) from understanding all the things that had held them back and the things that were and still are in their hands to change and take control of. 

Choosing how to live their life going forward (Hopefully) a new way which would be prosperous and allow them to grow and exploit their potential. So where does my post come into this? Well for those of you who don’t know me well may be interested to know what sort of system I follow when living my day to day life, I say system as I am not too hot on Religion. I don’t really give much thought to Religion.

Maybe my lack of religious belief is linked with my inability to put my faith in something entirely, I don’t know (Possibly one to come back to). Whatever the reasons I tend to have a more philosophical view point of my life and how it inches forward, sideways and yes even backwards sometimes. 

Screen Shot 2014 01 19 at 22 10 43


I was lucky enough to find this lovely image which I feel pretty much sums up my inner driver. To me it just makes sense, now that isn’t to say that I have total and absolute handle on life as some factors you just can’t control on your own and because there are many Lives constantly bombarding one another, so sparks are eventually going to fly. 

From the description I guess you might be of the opinion that this kind sounds pretty boring and a bit burdensome, I can agree with that. I like the idea that life is simply what you make of it. If you wan’t more it’s for you to go out an grab or if you’re content then carry as you are.

Would I recommend others to Follow this? Well no not really… it probably wouldn’t make for a very Colourful world, plus this isn’t for the weak minded (No Offence). It’s worth mentioning I am by no means a disciple of existentialism. It’s just a philosophy that so happens to mirror some of my core beliefs.

You’re welcome to totally write this post of as being an utter waste of time or you could think “Hmmmmm” and maybe even comment and share your thoughts? Thanks for taking the time though to read, I think next week I will try and do something a bit different (It’s good to mix it up a bit 😛 ) Have a Brilliant start to the new week and take care.




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