It’s Sunday and I almost decided not to blog…..

A very good evening to you, a late one at that….

Hope your weekend has been a good one whatever you decided to get up to. As for me it has been one of almost zero productivity in any shape or form. This being said I was decided to not to post today as I just couldn’t decide what to write about. I guess I feel that whenever I write about something it has to be something that is bigger than myself, something that is supposed to make you think. It’s never really my intention it just so happens it’s down to timing and also I don’t want to bore my readers, then again though I get very little feedback so I don’t actually know if I am doing a good job…

Enough of the rambling though, I have 15min to get this post done and uploaded before it is officially the start of the new week!!! So I want to mention something that is related to a previous post about my new year summary. One of the negative points of 2013 was not being their for my friends (Close) as much as I would have liked to. That had made me feel quite guilty during 2013, as I didn’t make enough time to lend a hand or that I actually simply didn’t have the answers or that my advice may have been falling on deaf ears (Is that the phrase..)

Well here I am 2014 and I can say I am hopefully taking steps to reconcile with those feelings of guilt and offering my services once again. Within the last 2 hours I’ve managed to hopefully offer some advice to a friend going through a tough time at the moment and I also met up with my best friend for a late night coffee (Black Americano for me) and heard his brilliant idea for a future project. I don’t want to reveal anything as I don’t want to jynx it but I really impressed with what he has come up with. Though I didn’t give him the idea or push him that direction I am super happy that he decided to share it with me and his enthusiasm. I hope that it goes his way and it goes without saying I’ll help do whatever to make it!!

So there we have it. I think this is probably one of the most lighthearted posts I have ever done, nevertheless it doesn’t make it any less meaningful then my other posts (In my eyes anyway) I hope you all have a brilliant start to the week.




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