What Happens When you change the rules?

Hello All,

How’s it going? It’s been a while since the last post, though I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a bit more traffic then usual. I think my Instagram has a little something to do with this. The more views the merrier so keep on checking back to “Grade-G”.

Change the rules, what rules might they be, I’m not bound by rules apart from those of civil and criminal law (He says jokingly). We all have a set of rules scribed on the paper of our being. You know the kind of rules that stop you from let’s say downing a bottle of wine on a Tuesday night, when you have that important meeting the next working day. Silly example I know but you know it’s the kinda things that you set for yourself.

I guess you could liken them to a set of values that have influenced the way in which your sense of character has developed into your adult years. For me these rules have stopped me walking down a shadier path in life but have probably stopped me from walking too often on the “Wild” side of life for better or worse.

Don’t you sometimes wonder how scenario A) would turn out if you did something out of your comfort zone? If you were to say yes and experience something new? It sounds silly or to some trivial. If I really wanted I could do things differently, I could even throw caution to the wind you might be saying. If it’s that easy then you should definitely do it more often, for me it’s a mental struggle that sometimes just doesn’t compute.

I’m veering off course as per usual (I do like to ramble sometimes) I guess this all boils down to something I want to do but haven’t done so seriously because it goes against my own rules. You might be wondering what is? Well I’m not that open to discussing it but the risk associated with it is something I need to maybe stop thinking about and just fricken do it!

How does one go about breaking/Changing the rules? Let me know




2 thoughts on “What Happens When you change the rules?

  1. hey playa nice post, I don’t know you personally but it sounds like you tryna come out as gay or somtin but having a hard time doing so, is that what the post was about or not my nigga?


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