What is the Mission?

Hello All,

How has your weekend treated you? For me it’s been a long one as last week the days just seemed to be filled with a never ending stream of requests and tasks at work, which probably wasn’t helped by the post holiday hang over (not literally of course…) never the less it was nice knowing people did notice the absence of my presence whilst I was on Holiday!

This Sunday morning around 4.00am I had the chance to do a bit more reading whilst I was fixing a laptop (I.T never sleeps unfortunately) and came across something simple but probably something many of us have neglected or shunned to a dark corner of our minds. I’m talking about our Life’s Mission. Forgive the corny sounding phrase but you know as well as I do we’ve all had those moments, thinking what’s the point of getting out of bed today, what do I have to look forward to this day. Would I be right in saying not a lot? If you’ve answered the opposite then congratulations to you, there is no real need for you to read on other than to pick your curiosity and see what this nut job (That’s me) has to say.

I wouldn’t say I’ve got much of an incentive to wake up every weekday morning other than getting paid to work in a field that I feel relatively comfortable and capable of succeeding in speaking in a broad sense. Do I feel passionately about it? I enjoy what I do for the most part because I enjoy helping others even if I begrudgingly accept praise for it, but also because there is an element of technical challenge involved in every working day and being surrounded by all sort of tech is pretty sweet as well. For those who don’t know I work in I.T as a desktop support engineer, the jack of all things techy related!

In my eyes having a mission in life means to pursue something that you’re passionate about, something that adds value to your life, I guess in the grand scheme of things adding value to ones life pretty much helps in defining it’s meaning. That’s not to say we can’t have more than one thing to aim for because let’s face it that would be a bit boring right. I would love to happily round of this post and say hey I’ve found my mission, this is how I found and here’s how I went about it. Far from it I’m just spreading the word hopefully some wise words.


Having a mission should add value to life,  always at the forefront of everyday if you truly want to live passionately (Easier said then done). At the core of it though there needs to be some strategy in place which links back to the Mission Statement, things which might seem totally unrelated but when you have the goal in mind it all fits together. Getting back to earth it’s probably worth mentioning I don’t plan on giving up my day job any time soon as we all need to make a living some how, it would be foolish to give up your career and means of living on a whim. I Guess the danger of having this kind of idea in mind is that it’s a bit idealistic or a bit childish in some ways, being the age I am, my life should be on a steady straight forward path now. I don’t have the luxury of youth to have my head in the clouds. That is fair enough, but ultimately the worst thing I feel I can do in life is live an ordinary and mundane sort of life,  that would be the ultimate disservice to myself.

As I am getting older the importance of adding value to my ‘meaning’ of life grows greater, it hinges on finding what really gets me going excited in life, which probably will require a trip down memory lane to my younger years before I made many pivotal decisions in the last few years which have carved out of the path I walk today. I hope I can find some sort of answer sooner rather than later as time is ticking and my hair is only sprouting more white hairs!

Feel free to share and comment on this post, I am interested to hear and see what you have to say. Am I living too far in the clouds or is there a truth in what I’ve spoken about??

Have a great week ahead



5 thoughts on “What is the Mission?

  1. I think we all feel as though we should have found our paths by now but the fact of the matter is, we are still young! There is so much we could experience in the next few years which would totally change our perception of our lives and what we value the most. So what I say is ‘You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life’. Just live, enjoy your time and it will hit you one day, hopefully 😛 Or maybe one day you will just realise that you are happy..and the meaning won’t matter any more 🙂


    1. Wise words indeed, I’m happy as is at the moment and deep down I know happiness starts from the heart. But yes I feel there is more out there 100%. I do feel though you’re right I do need to enjoy life some more. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment B-)


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