Bank Holiday Blow out

Hello! How is everyone doing? Hope you’ve all had a wonderful bank Holiday, I’ve had quite the busy one myself but memorable nonetheless.

The Hoxton Underbelly

I guess the best place to begin would be Friday, I was fortunate enough to have the day off though I did feel somewhat guilty considering how busy work is become and leaving my colleague to deal with it… So Friday evening terrible weather, big issues with ones hair (Haircut needed) and Wondering what to wear. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Hoxton Underbelly in Shoreditch to see my friend perform at a intimate gig. I’ve never seen him perform and he seemed very modest about the whole thing which only fuelled my curiosity and anticipation even further. He didn’t disappoint not in the slightest. He is the front man for the band and writes all the lyrics himself though it would be rude not to mention his band members and their amazing talent !

The Brilliant Moxy Ru
The Brilliant Moxy Ru

I hope they don’t mind me sharing this photo of them, however these guys definitely deserve any praise they receive. Back to the band themselves there are some clear influences going on such as “Guns and Roses”, “Rod Stewart” and “David Bowie” to name a few. What was amazing is that they write all their own music and they have such a great presence on stage. I may not have seen enough live performances in my life to be have a great deal of authority on what might constitute a great live show however conversely my lack of knowledge on the subject makes my expression of how much I enjoyed it more believable. Do you agree ?

As Well as Moxy Ru there were a few other bands that graced the stage, all being independent band which I don’t think have record labels backing them, but these days that doesn’t really account for much considering the ability to self publish and distribute material. “Jay Scott & The Find” was the only band I actually remember, which is all thanks to their overly enthusiastic Manager taking it upon himself to let me know that I am his buddy, hug me and offer me a business card. It was a pretty surreal experience considering this guy was pretty larger then life and could have honestly snapped me in two if he wanted ….

The Venue itself was pretty cool and was separated into two sections. Their was the main Bar and seating area and a side entrance to the basement level where the mini stage,another bar and comfy sofa’s and seats doted around. Very spacious, the drinks reasonably priced and the food was “AMAZING” according to my bestie Anand. £4.00 for a ticket to view the performances though I was fortunate enough to be on the G-List as my Friend so lovingly calls it, get it G-List…..  We stayed till the last performance and made ways back home and arrived at about 12.30. I had to be up in a few hours to get my things ready and catch a train to Dorset South Station at 9.00am From London Waterloo. Fun times ! Highlights of the night were: The music, The company, the Venue and being asked if I had any cocaine or where I could buy some as the gentleman was only in the U.K for four days (Strange but true) Maybe I was looking a bit shifty at the time..

The Dorset Get Away

It’s 5.00 am my alarm goes off and I decide I need at least half an hour to snooze which isn’t too unreasonable considering I went to sleep at about 1.30 am is it ? Half an hour later I force myself to get up and shower then get my things ready, always thinking to pack light as I would be coming home the next day. Luckily for me Anand stayed over and was kind enough to give me a lift to wear I need to be at another friends place for 7.30 am, I did make him some tea whilst he snoozed. The feeling of someone brining tea in bed is bloody brilliant, well that’s how I see it anyway (is it just me?)

Once myself and my Friend has everything we needed to got on the Tube and made our way to London Waterloo and start the 3 Hour journey to Dorset to Visit our lovely Friends for a belated Birthday Celebration. The Journey was pretty long but I had three essentials items needed on any long journey.

  • Hooded Jacket or Jumper
  • Headphones or Earphones (preference Really)
  • MP3 player, Smartphone or Tablet device

These three items combined made the journey that much more bearable, though I should mention I wasn’t travelling alone but I think my friend and I were just so dam tired from being up so early. Eventually we arrived and were greated by our wonderful friends with Chai Lattes in hand and begun the journey to Bridport where they live.

The view from the Cliffs
The view from the Cliffs

I feel like I should have been taking a lot more photo’s but I was just that content with viewing the surroundings with my eyes and listening with my ears that I didn’t feel the  need to constantly grab my phone from out of my pocket and capture. I feel the image encompasses the most part what I saw in one image, though there is loads more to see up close and personal. I think the brilliance of this place is that it made me feel that much more relaxed. I am not a nervy character or someone who get’s easily flustered but I don’t have a knack for being switched on a bit too much sometimes and my Good Friends know this.

So whilst I was there I was constantly asked are you feeling relaxed yet to my amusement but hey after a couple of hours walking through the vast fields, feeling the beating sun and gazing into the horizon across the sea I was dare I say it .. Relaxed.

My Friend’s in Dorset were super accommodating and we met some of their friends as well, who I must say were wonderful. Guess if there was anything to take away from the whole experience is that I am very fortunate to have a good bunch of Friends but also that it’s really important to be able to put yourself and life into perspective. Living near the city and working pretty central in London, it can be hard to detach yourself from work, life stresses and really take stock of what is going on. Walking through the tranquil fields and looking in awe at the sea and hearing just hearing natural sounds really was a enjoyable feeling. One of my Friends in Dorset explained the contrast of being a country born and bred guy, studying in London and how life can be so chaotic in the city and how having the country to go back to is a bit of a blessing. London has it’s perks and attractions but the country will always be where his heart is. I don’t blame him though but I don’t think I would trade the city life any time soon. There is something about it that mesmerises, I’m still searching for that city spirit that exists in some niche corner of London.  For the while the only views I am fixated on are the ones in the picture below…

 Mee Hotel Sky Bar
Mee Hotel Sky Bar

The views aren’t as infinite as the sea but something lurks out their in the dark skies and florescent lights, I like the idea of that. Anyway getting back to the point. Dorset was great to be in, and I can see the appeal that it has. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and the company I was with. Two days isn’t enough so I’ve kind of promised I would come back soon and stay for at least 4 or 5 days, I wouldn’t mind going out on my own and getting lost in the fields. Unfortunately like most things the stay had to come to an end and the arduous journey back home was rearing it’s long face in front of us, the only thing keeping us going was the thought of the bank holiday BBQ’s our family had waiting home for us.

The Shoes I was Rockin for the journey
The Shoes I was Rockin for the journey

Bank Holiday Sunday BBQ

After the long trek back home I was greeted by my somewhat confused brother and mother who weren’t quite sure where I had been since Friday evening though it was mentioned to my dad a week ago (My family is a bit rubbish at communication, myself included..) The wonderful things about BBQ’s are the laid back nature of them and the opportunity to just let your hair down with the ones you love. My nephew who is almost two was being his typical self, running around and full of energy,always shocks me how sharp and alert he is for his age, certainly puts all of us to shame I feel when we were his age! Overall it was a nice wind-down from the busy weekend and travelling. Soldering on through to the late night I did here some words of wisdom from my oldest brother (Interesting to get an insight into his values) about how it’s important to show people respect in life no matter where they have come from, been through or do in life. We all start somewhere to get to where we want to be but it’s important to be mindful of the journey we go through. Who know’s what will happen tomorrow I suppose..

That about brings things around full circle. The bank Holiday Weekend is over and I should be up for work in a few hours. As usual I didn’t include everything I wanted to express but at least you hopefully will get a feel for what I have said and maybe enjoyed reading about it. Thank you for reading and hope the start of your week isn’t so bad. I’ll be back soon with some more musings, till the next time, take care.



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