Stolen Sentimentality

Evening Guys and Girls,

how’s it going all? Is everyone enjoying the bank holiday weekend, the weather has been to shabby in London Town I must say. So in this post I wanted to let off some steam I guess.

I don’t really like talking about it but a few days ago, Tuesday to be precise I my bag was stolen whilst out with my work friend’s in a local pub. Now was I upset, well yes I guess. I felt that I had kept my bag close enough to me not to have been taken by anyone, but also there was enough of us around to keep an eye on each other’s belongings. The pub itself was well lit, quiet (Tuesday Night after all) and the people who usually are there would mainly be from work or others that work in the building.
Clearly I was nieve to think that it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen to me, but hey this is London, people make a living out of being thief’s. So what exactly was stolen? Well let’s start off with my bag itself, a blue fairly small blue Ted Baker bag. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and it’s very unique looking or I should say was… Next my Nexus 7 tablet, my house keys, work keys, work pass, my hair products ( a pretty penny they cost), expensive stationery, Super Mario notepad and my work usb.

I was very fortunate not to have lost my wallet, phone and thankfully my earphones. It was reported but I don’t hold my breath in getting my belongings back anytime soon. As disheartening as it sounds I am more down about the sentimental value of the items I have lost rather then the monetary value. I can always replace these things but I know they will never be like for like and I’ll associate my new possessions with the former that they are meant to replace.

If anything there is lesson in this, as harsh as it is to say being the first time victim of theft, I wasn’t careful enough and I got too complacent with my belongings and the scenario I was in. If anything make sure you insure your goods no matter how expensive or inexpensive they may be, but more importantly remember you can’t replace sentimental goods so do one better and be just a little bit more careful with your belongings.

Other than that I actually enjoyed my night out before I realised my things had been taken. Bless my work friend’s and colleagues, I feel they felt more upset and worried then I did! Have a good bank holiday weekend guys and girls and be safe.



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