Autobots Assembled: How Transformers Come to Life

Transformers have always been my favourite toy of choice since I was a little lad and even to this day I still follow the various iterations of the animated series when I have time. I’ve always wondered what sort of work goes into making such intricate looking transformer especially with today’s modern versions. When  you really think about it it’s quite a feat of engineering and technology really. Compare transformers with other toys and you begin to realise there must be a lot of time and effort that go into making these things.

It’s exciting (in my view) to think of what new types of transformers could be created next, especially with the advent of 3D printing, though I imagine this kind of tech has been available to industry for a while.With so many different Transformers series and generations there is bound to be one that suits your taste.

So have look and click on the link to see what all the fuss is about.


“Autobots Roll Out”…. Sorry couldn’t help myself.



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