Maybe it was the sea air …

Hey how’s it going?

It’s been a long while, a good couple of months. Where have I been ? no where in particular just somewhere different I guess (Mentally,metaphorically, spiritually and physically) Any way main thing is I’m back here back on my blog to express my thoughts.

So this weekend that has just past I found myself in Brighton with my brothers, my cousins and many friends to celebrate a Birthday, I won’t mention any names or numbers as it may come back to bite me :s .. Now you may be thinking why Brighton of all places. Sure many of us probably have fond memories of the seaside, the pier and the arcades but beyond that was there anything else? I personally last visited Brighton when I was maybe 12-15 potentially over 10 years ago.

This was one of the scenes I captured a few hours after we arrived whilst out and about on the Saturday. No flash, no filter and was captured using my mobile phone camera. I’d forgotten how the sea looked it had been that long and the lighting was just a bonus. The seaside however was not what we all had came for beautiful as it was (Was pretty cold also). We were there to celebrate my cousins birthday and in one of many clubs Madame Geisha.


What Birds had to do with Geisha’s ??

Quite a swanky looking bar I must say to be greeted with. The night didn’t quite start there as there was still karaoke to be done…… Thankfully it was only for an hour session, though in true Bhogal fashion we just couldn’t get enough and clocked up an extra half an hour or so. Before any one asks I cannot sing, I did try with some gentle persuasion however I was caught red handed on my phone…. For those of you that know me personally but haven’t seen me for awhile the beard is a relatively new thing  though I was told today I look very young, 18 in fact though I think it was a ploy to get me to be ridiculously priced skin care

Imageproducts. Overall the night was pretty sweet, the crowd wasn’t what I was expecting in a good way, I even poorly attempted the infamous Gangnam style   , thankfully I don’t think anyone remembers or if any picture where actually taken (breaths a sigh of relief)

The next day with a major hang over and the hotel check time looming ever closer we all got ready, got our things to together dumped the luggage in the cars and explored Brighton pier. It was how I remembered it but it seems to have kept up with the times in some respects but still has that charm. As you do at the seaside you have fish and chips in my case fish cakes and chips (wasn’t all that great but had to be done) The arcade games where as crooked as ever, yes I am referring to the machine with the joystick and hook in which you try and win yourself a nice plushy toy. hmmm what else erm…. as yes we also had a go on one of the rides on the pier in which myself and my cousin suffered some technical difficulties as the safety bars decided to release themselves just before the ride was about to start, and she was a few inches from being hit by a seagull whilst we were in mid air 0_o .. Fun Fun Fun I say.

I could go on talking about how much I enjoyed the whole weekend, the experience the people I was with and getting away. I don’t want to ramble on but I feel I am drifting a bit with this post. Going back to the title “Maybe it was the sea air ….” I remember saying to one of my cousins whilst we were there that I am was actually enjoying myself and that it had been a long while since I’d felt like that. I was allowing myself to have fun, to let loose a bit and just take in all the good vibes. It was a very short break from my usual reality but I’d like to think it did me some good. It’s definitely important to take a break in a while and not worry about anything . I may never say I feel I am working hard or I am stressed but it clearly manifest itself in my demeanour, in the way of fatigue and just general mood I guess (think my family and friends can vouch for this unfortunately So to wrap up let yourself have some fun once in a while, get away if you can and most of all let yourself enjoy more in life. 


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