Where’s the cake….. 05/09/12

My Birthday

Hey how’s it going? How am I you ask? Not bad not bad at all. I’ve got a little something to be happy about, it’s my fricken birthday whoop whoop B-). The only downside of the day thus far was being at work but I’ve got to say the folks at HiFX made it enjoyable.

Soon as people as the I.T department got word of it being my birthday the only thing they would say is cake… When is Cake coming, have you gone to get the cake, is the cake here yet… a picture of a cake and CAKE written in size 56 front sent to my work email address.

I eventually gave in and on my late 3.00pm lunch dashed to M&S and grabbed tubs of mini chocolate rolls, cornflake bites, and oats and berry bars and fudge Brownies oh and not forgetting my lunch of mushroom and chicken risotto.

Rushing back to the office and laying down the treats, it was now officially my birthday :-\. It seems like the tradition at HiFX to spoil everyone else rotten on your birthday, well sharing is caring as they say.

Either way it was quite a relaxed day with not much to do. So here I am waiting at Slough platform 5 waiting for the blasted 19.57, delayed as usual


So yes as I wait to go home and cut the obligatory cake and open up a few cards I should really reflect on the present and the path that go me here. For better for worse is not so important it’s just getting a clear perspective on things. If I was  confused as to why I was sitting here wondering what am I doing, that would clearly be a cause for concern in my own eyes.

One thing to mention though when I woke up at 6.00 am is that a huge overwhelming feeling of urgency. I don’t know about what, however the weight of turning 24 seemed to crashed down on me. I always try and set some goals come my birthday as it’s the start of a new year in life, if anything though it might be time to really kick it up a notch as they say. I’m no spring chicken anymore, but with age comes wisdom and greater sense potential.

Maybe it’s just me thinking out loud, I just felt compelled to blog for no apparent reason. Acting more on impulse? It would definitely be a new thing. Anyway I’ve rambled enough. I’ll end it by saying thanks for being curious and reading. Uber thanks for the best wishes and love on my birthday. I’ll remember this time, till the next.



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