Train Blogging

How’s it going?

It’s been a fair while since I’ve done any blogging. You’ll have to excuse me as I’ve been working two jobs for the last month or so. As the title of the post suggests I’m on the train typing away on my android powered smart phone. (HTC Incredible S running on Ice cream sandwich or to be more specific an ice cold sandwich ROM)

I’m on my way home from work on the train, my usual thing would be to catch up on sleep and wake up in a unfamiliar place after missing my stop. It’s funny sleep has become the most expensive and desired commodity in my life atm. Working two jobs isn’t at tough as it sounds its just me being silly and forgoing sleep for some reason.

Since I’ve started working full time I keep on realizing that I just don’t have much time as I would like to do what I want outside work. I think things will settle and the pace will let up almost as if am moving at break neck speed. If i was being really honest with myself then I would realise life just seems to get busier as you get older (yes that old cliché)

I’m not too worried though because I’m actually enjoying keeping busy though I have been neglecting some important friends, but they ‘just’) understand. Simple as that really! The lesson if anything this month is that time is what you make it, ultimately it goes forward and you can only ride that current. What you do floating in that current is up to you. There is no excuse that there is not time. Open your eyes and realise that you’re floating in a pool of time.
I’ve invested my time in working hard this month so I intend to enjoy my rewards and share the ups and downs with my buddies asap. So from me to you I’ll just be the master and keeper of you’re time. Invest well in yourself and in the things you care about.

I’ve reached my stop so take care all.

Slight amendment met a friend on the bus journey back, life you rascal you!




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