Dual Cores & Dual Concerns



Today my computer blacked out and restarted itself all of a sudden, whilst at the gym I turned pale like a ghost after just 30 mins on the cross trainer. The ordeal, the timing hmmmm??

That’s my lovely pc gutted above, which I recently examined, cleaned and rewired. I single handedly gave life to that beast pc three or four years ago. Sourced all the parts: motherboard, cpu, ram, graphics card, hard drives, cd-drive, power supply, cables, case, fans….

Four hours of solid concentration and determination from 3 am to 7. The amount of care and attention I gave it was phenominal and it ran like a dream, that was up until recently..

I gave it format and reinstall of Windows 7, I gave it a thorough clean and rewired it but the issue seemed to mainly stem with power. That became more evident today when without warning it switched off in a split second and restarted with No standard blue screen of death.

Okay so I understand that time treats everything under the sun equally,electronics and people are no different. That penny certainly did drop after half an hour of cardio at the gym, my body just said no. It’s a far cry from the high intensity hour I’m used to.

My general state of being hasn’t been all dandy and. I’ve been feeling quite down over the past month or so. I am taking vitamins for my newly diagnosed deficiencies but things don’t seem to be getting better. Like my pc the power (I’m my case vitality) isn’t as plentiful as it was before!

It’s a simple fix for my pc, parts are cheap and easily replaceable, but i can’t say the same for myself. It is worrying, the thought of going back into full time work, I don’t feel I can keep a constant level of energy like I used to working At Kurt Geiger. I practically used to run on empty (accelerated self wear :s) but that’s just retail right?

Normally I wouldn’t worry but because I have an interview tomorrow ( well technically today) for a senior retail role, which I know I can get handsdown, will I be able to step up and shine? It would be once less thing to stress about if i get this job :-!

Today has shown me you tend to make strange connections with things sometimes. In my case it was with my pc. In my eyes it’s an extended metaphor of myself in the sense that It worked efficiently, effectively but with time and due to a lack of proper care and attention = operating failure.

I ask myself Why would you want to do that to yourself and take away the prospect of a positive future??


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