Soul Searching

Hi to whom ever is reading.

How was your day, do anything nice?? I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out what sort of angle I wanted to approach my blog, considering my decision to write about things personal to myself. It’s 2.57am I had a wonderful evening with a few friends of mine and during that time it sort of dawned on me how difficult my approach would be in future. It all came back to why I decided to blog and what I was looking to get from it. Surely blogging is a win win situation right? The freedom of expression, the liberation and means to speak what ever stems from your mind and soul.

For some that just comes naturally, they want to and always have been able to speak freely about their lives and the situations as well as experiences that are carved into their beings. The phrase “It’s good to talk” springs to mind, in all fairness though it isn’t something I would normally advocate or endorse for myself. It’s not in my nature or my character to speak so easily of my mistakes and my experiences (to some those are interchangeable words “mistakes” + “Experiences”, each to their own). Frankly who really does give a crap about what I have to say? Surely my friends and family have heard it all before, those of you who don’t know me so well or stumbled upon my post via word press, why should you entertain what I have to say?

The honest truth is, not many people have heard it all before and yes I don’t have a good reason for wanting you to listen to me impart my own brand of wisdom. What it comes down to is the matter of choice. We all have a choice, to blog? Yours is to read? This post may come across as being quite self indulgent, almost as if I’m trying award myself with a medal of honour for being so profound. All I want is to become more confident in expressing myself and not be afraid to say what I have been through, will go through and have worked on. I want to share the highs and lows of gurgs, my passions and my nonsensical thoughts at times. Deep down in my soul ( Soul > Heart ) I know if I want to reach my goals I need to change drastically and not shy away from expression,what ever forms it may take and not be scared to hear opinions and criticisms.

I am going to give it a dam good shot, get things back on track and paint the world in my own primary colours. (Have to dream big !) As always thanks for reading and please be sure to have a look at, It’s my photography blog in the works. Comments, suggestions and feedback as always. To my U.K friends have a good morning to everyone else please adjust the statement accordingly!

Seoul South Korea




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