Prying open the gates

Hi all how’s it going ?

This week I haven’t really got much to show in terms of recent projects however I have a few pieces that I have done in the past that not many people would have heard or seen (begrudgingly)… Any way the title of the post refers to…well I would say in this case the gate was to expression and letting loose the creativity. Essentially what I am getting at is that my characteristics as a person is to do some things in a low key fashion and not really share much on what I do. Speaking in the context of my vocation right now or rather vocation I am trying to pursue I want to be a Video Game Designer. For those who are not really sure what that is well in a nutshell it’s being a Jack of all trades and master of none ! Of course I would like to find what I can excel at but for that job title I need to make sure I have an understanding of what is going on and keeping things running smoothly. One major aspect is communication and transparency in communication. Everything is crystal clear and people know what they are doing. As a Designer it will involve dabbling in manner of the departments and getting your hands ‘Dirty’. As long as the thought it passed along to the relevant expert in the depart i.e artist or programmer.

I have a habit of connecting these loose points together with a vague sort of string but please bare with me. At the present moment in time skill wise I am lacking in abundance. That’s not to say I don’t know how to do a lot but the quality isn’t there. Simple remedy is door more and close the gap between the skill and ambition. In time my skills will flourish if I continue to work hard it’s a no brainer essentially :s . So I would like to share with you first a little video clip I made a while back for an old uni project. Not many people have seen this at all but I can’t stand to listen to it, for the very shallow reason that I can’t stand to hear my recorded voice !!!!

Yes It’s very sparse and basic but it personifies my more emo like attributes ¬_¬….. any way the idea of it was to create a 30 second clip showcasing a character design in three evocative poses and to create the audio to accompany it. So pretty much all made from scratch the music was made in fruity loops I think or maybe Logic Pro can’t remember now?? As you heard that was my oh so terrible sounding voice it’s ok you can laugh your socks off. The point is I actually think in some ways it’s not so bad with some more polish and flare it could have been something better but I think today I had the courage to showcase it to you and you know what good or bad I made it and at least it’s something to go onwards from. If I ever pin down My Gundam Designs I can showcase that and make an even more astoundingly amazing vid (Insert the sarcasm here please). I kid though I know how to make this sort of vid now so why not I say.

Ok so the next piece I am gonna let you in is a sound scape I made something that sounds quite nice in my opinion, it’s kinda typical and not too original but I was more pleased with the way I managed to arrange and edit it to make it sound the way it does.

ambient sound with rain (Click to be taken to sound cloud to hear the audio)

So with this piece I was asked to create a sort of soundscape I believe. Possibly something you would hear in a game seeing the main character for example gazing over an environment and letting the player take it all in. The reason I was really happy with this piece was I felt that it all went together all nicely. Each sound you hear such as the rain, the car, sirens the bell etc were all individual sound effects (Found from free I then proceeded to edit each one tp suit the requirements of the soundscape. I edited the sounds in Audacity, for example looped the rain enhanced the sound to make it sound a bit heavy and rain like as silly as it sounds. I added echo’s and reverb to the scream and the crash sounds. Little nuances like that which to be fair you probably would pay any attention to all help to give the environment and scene depth and believability. Again with this piece not many would have heard it as I didn’t really make a song or dance about it.

So In future be more daring and start sharing more often as you know what they say sharing is caring in some circles. Maybe in this case I should keep in mind dare to share, because opinions may not be fact but they do mean Sh** 😛 . thanks again for viewing comments are welcome, till the next time !



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