Valuable lessons with a dash of realisation

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well. This week I’ve been given a little bit of a schooling in the basics of drawing from talented (In my opinion) brothers of mine in the subject of art. So I thought why not share what I have been taught and divert away from the usual drawing assignment of Gundam this week. You may be wondering how did this ‘Lesson’ come about ? Well I didn’t ask for it lets get that clear :s however the Idea of a draw off was batted around and hey presto I found my self sitting on the dinning room table with pencils and pens at the ready to begin the class.

The first task was to pick a scene of maybe something that would be game related for my benefit and try and convey for example in a real world situation to your games design team a look you are going for, just a general idea of the feel of it all. The scene that was chosen was a character in a dungeon/castle type environment finding the secret Gem within it. 15 minutes was the allotted time so we scribbled away. Here’s what I came up with :s

Looks more like a floor plan..

So as the above show I think I kinda lost track of the brief we had and out of habit I drew more of a plan for the scene as opposed to concentrating on the actual character and the acquiring of the Gem. It’s the cliché dungeon scene flames, treasure chest with skeletons on the wall with the obligatory torches lighting the way, possible a throw back to the numerous game scenes I’ve seen in my time (Zelda comes to mind). For 15 minutes there are quite a few small details in hindsight though I should have focused more on the Character. The next Picture drawn in the same 15 minutes will demonstrate the better way of having it done.

All Credit goes to ‘Chaos Lad’

I really like this drawing for many reasons, the first being the chunky and prominent lines give it that depth and life in my opinion. The character proportions are quite nicely done and scene has been crafted quite nicely not too complex but the general feel of the environment is tangible. I feel instantly the picture is lifted off the page by the inclusion of the window looking out into the night sky. This is more of what I should have crafted myself, however there was still plenty of learning to be done. In this exercise It made evident that perspective is quite a difficult thing to visual and do right all the time. In my Sketch the scene in done from a high diagonal position so naturally the pathway and the walls the lines would have to be parallel with one another, not so much of an issue. When adding the environmental details like the windows,flames and skeleton the perceptive was lost as it wasn’t something I took into consideration, it was only till it was brought to my attention I realised that it has to be thought to keep in mind.  Why is perspective important? From what I gathered it gives the drawing depth and character. As you see the subject from a different angle as opposed to a straight head on view (Like my previous Gundam Drawings !) an 3d image can instantly be imaged from the person looking at the sketch as your mind can fill in the blanks of what the subject may look like if it were truly a 3d object.

The next task was to draw another scene, I had the chance to choose a post apocalyptic scene (Fallout anyone) and again we had 15 minutes to draw. Before you see the picture It’s worth noting I made the same mistake again and went for drawing a broader overview of the scene with very little focus, you can be the judge of that.

Dramatic no ?

Where to begin ? Well for the most part the picture kinda of explains itself in some ways. The Ground was meant to be parched looking dessert like in fact, didn’t really work out too well…. The cactus in the back instantly brings the thought of dessert it wasn’t my immediate intention when I drew it to bring about that association but hey the subconscious works in strange ways. Points to take away from this sketch more focus on the character development, detail, perspective and dynamism (more on that in a bit) Slightly better then my previous sketch but still not quite there yet. The idea’s are in mind but the hands can’t quite keep up with the imagination, in correct perspective rearing it’s ugly face again. (Take a look at the road and the sun notice anything odd ?) The next image Again created by Chaos lad shows a Hilarious take on the scene 😛

Can’t help but laugh, does that mean I have issues ?!?!

When I laid eyes on this beauty I was instantly drawn into a fit of laughter 😛 there is humanity about the the sketch but also mass amounts of hilarity. Thing thing I love about this picture is that it works well on so many levels. The character itself conveys the scene quite nicely and the broken windows in the buildings help create a mental image of destruction. The Eye popping out the facial expression and the speech bubble, they all add to the characters depth and breath life into the image. Though I didn’t quite notice at first the hands add a huge amount of dynamism to the overall feel of the sketch. The way that they are placed and the way the fingers all point make it seem as if the hand it giving the character another form of expression besides the obvious facial one. This was something that was said to me that I need to incorporate into future pieces. Dynamism is the way forward no looking back.

There were many many more pictures I could show but I want to highlight a few closing points today through the last image.

Thought you had seen the last of Gundam Muwhahah !

Put simply this picture is no looker by any stretch however it is an improvement in many other ways not taking into consideration the ‘Looks’. I didn’t know this but when you see an image you more than likely your gaze doesn’t gravitate straight to the middle of page, which in contexts would mean that the bits outside the centre are more interesting. The mistake I’ve been drawing my subjects as middle as possible on the page but also from a face on perspective which detracts from any sort of depth that image could have had. The image contains perspective and isn’t directly in the middle section of the page and pretty the majority of page space is used.

In closing today’s blog post there are many lessons that were learnt they key words being: Perspective,dynamism, depth and space. Those are some of the lessons but the truth and realisation of this exercise ? In terms of skill and knowledge I am no where near where I should be in this time of my life. Another thing to take on board and the picture above illustrates this is that I don’t have the skills to draw straight from imagination I need to have some reference (Picture above drawn off the cuff) a lot of it perhaps and draw my real life subjects or at least gain a better understanding of how they look. These thought I had and leave with could sound a bit depressing perhaps but then again I can only get better with practice and plenty of it. I wouldn’t be much of a person if I didn’t take this on this chin and learn from it. I believe potentially I can achieve great things, I know I have plenty of experience from others that I can learn from but ultimately I need to experience it all for myself if I ever want foster my skills. So lets see what the future looks like, fingers crossed the perspective and dynamism will be there B-).

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