Thoughts before 23

Good morning all, as you can see from the timestamp on this post it’s a bit late. I’m blogging from the comfort of my bed with my trusty htc incredible s via the wordpress app (available on iphone and android) before I dosed off I wanted to share some thoughts. P.s This isn’t my main post for the week, just a insight into the mind of G.

Me, Anand and Rosh South Korea

So those of you who know me well know my birthday is very close, in fact it’s on the 5th :s. It’s the day I dread as its the only day in the year your expected to think pretty much about yourself on so many levels. Let’s face it, that’s pretty difficult to do if your not in tune with the “self”….  I consider my birthday the start of a new year for myself and an opportunity to reflect as you do on the many memories of yesteryear. Thinking back this time last year i was living it up in good old Seoul, South Korea with two of closest amigos. At that time I was loving the new playground

and gained some perspective on my life and came to terms with certain aspects of my life at the time.

When it came to my bday in South Korea it was just about having fun so I didn’t really reflect so much, so this year I have a lot of stuff to ponder away.

At the heart of it right now I can say yeah life is okay at the moment, those who are close to me are doing alright so that makes me a happy. I know I am going off on another tangent as I so often to do when explaining however the point I’m trying to pin down is that what could I wish for, no scrap that something I desire in the new year ahead??

I want to be successful, fulfil various potentials but break old habits and do more for me so that I can be a lot happier. Currently at 22 I’m like an incomplete jigsaw with pieces missing so the general picture is hard to make out. Take life aspects of life and all it entails as pieces of the puzzle. Every experience and step forward you take as a realisation that you’ve found another piece to add to you.

missing pieces

I’ve not been taking as many steps forward as i would have liked to this year, though I have picked up a few new pieces.

So what am I looking forward to? Well I know I am stupid for thinking this but I Dream about the idea of working in the Video Games Industry at the same time I know my potential future occupation isn’t going to change the world or bring about world peace any time (Silly example but you get the point) I kinda feel

my ambitions could be see seen as a tad bit selfish, though my actions as a human being act as a counter balance ( is that fair to say?)

The thought of sacrificing certain things to fulfil my potential does scare me somewhat though if I was truly brilliant I could make time for it all ;).

In closing I would like to say 23 onwards more steps forward, more pieces to be found and have that belief in ones self. Most of all become a better person in mind, body and soul. Those closest to me will always be the biggest pieces of me, so if I do fall apart I expect you to bring those pieces back together :p. I hope somewhere along the line i can help you j

ust as much as you help me in various forms. 23 lets see where we go. Thanks for your patience in reading see you soon!

Wonderful future life

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