The road ahead

Hi all sorry it’s been a long while since I started my blog, I would categorize this as the start of the wheels moving forward. Lately I’ve been thinking about what I want to put my efforts into, in the years to come and how could I class myself in terms of my title ? Would I think of myself as a Game Artist in the broadest sense, or would I be a programmer which to this day I feel I have very little aptitude in :s. This sort of question is good to keep in mind as I look forward to the years to come, being mindful that there are a multitude of titles I could have associated with my name.

Hideo Kojima

I guess the thing that has sparked off this curiosity is down to me becoming more acquainted with twitter (@gurgs_bhogal) The thing I love about twitter is being able to have pretty much upto date info on developments linked to my interests and with people who I know personally and people I am fan of. One person in particular who has caught my eye in the recent weeks is a chap called Hideo Kojima. The name probably won’t ring any bells if you aren’t into Gaming but if you have ever touched on a game called Metal Gear Solid and the infamous character Solid Snake, you have Mr.Kojima to thank for that.

Solid Snake

Currently Mr.Kojima is Japanese Games Director who used to be apart of Konami (Metal Gear solid, PES, Castlevania, Z.O.E) but currently heads up his own Games studio Kojima Productions. At his heart though I would say he was a games designer, that person who has the eureka moments and comes up with the brilliant idea’s and concepts and translates that to the production team.

Bringing it back to Twitter, I constantly see updates and tweets from Mr.Kojima ranging to snippets about his day at the office doing, scripting, designing and working on all sorts. It also worth mentioning his tweets on what he is eating, listening to and places he travels to :). All in all he is quite the vocal user of twitter. He could be seen as being a jack of all trades per say in the office. Obviously he is highly skilled in Conceptual thinking and design hence his position, which has taken years to reach, so it would be fair to say he has a wealth of experience.

It got me thinking could that be me sometimes down the line as a Games designer. On a personal level, career and passion aside, I would consider myself to be a moderate communicator in terms of verbal and written. I do love to talk about ideas and thoughts which are somewhat abstract at times, but when it boils down to it I can find it hard to translate my thoughts into cohesive words which make logical sense. When I write I find I can sometimes sound pretentious or even confused at what point I am getting at. (Those who know me well probably have first hand exp of this. Let me know what you think !?)

I know I need to try my hand at many different things and not limit myself to just one skill set i.e artist or designer etc… The industry is uber competitive partly due to its huge success but also due to these tough times of cutting back costs and lower wages, less studios, publishers and players in the industry are taking far fewer risks. I know in my heart I want to be part of this entertainment Juggernaut in time in some shape of form. I wouldn’t deem my personal success as how much money is going in the bank initially I would first want some fulfillment of personal goals, one of which is to see my name in the credits section of a commercial game. Small but significant, though the sky is the limit from there onwards

So many streams to follow

To sum it all up if that’s possibly :s I know direction I want to go in though there are a variety of paths that lead to the video game universe, some are intertwined where as some branch off from others. Hard work, determination, motivation (Going to need some help with that one) and

cutting out the procrastination are just some of the elements to blazing a trail. I am looking to blog very soon, I have a little project lined up for myself. It’s something I have always wanted to do 😉 !! Thanks for reading and coming back, be patient as I know my writing style isn’t the best however I need your input to improve. T.c p.s take a look at the youtube vids to find out more about Hideo Kojima and some of the works he has been involved in !!


2 thoughts on “The road ahead

  1. Unfortunately motivation comes after you put in regular work. Contrary to popular misconception, inspiration is something that needs effort too. If you do a set amount every day, I guarantee in a couple of weeks you will be more motivated! Now is the time to build on these dreams and plans!


    1. This is true , I shall really have to push myself to get going and make the time to do what I set out to do. Thanks for the words of wisdom and for being the first to comment on my blog. Much appreciated 😉


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